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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gazillions of gloves

Just in case you think "what's that bag lady woman been up to recently" I thought I'd better make an effort and give you a small taste of the happenings chez nous.
I'm a rubbish blogger because I don't have enough brain and energy to apply myself to working out how to do the layout so you'll have to keep up and try to guess which shots I'm referring to.

There's been quite a bit of gadding about so you might be able to spot the picture taken at Bolton Food Festival when the Hairy Bikers stopped by to do a demo complete with bikes. My niece and nephew got in on the act too.
We had a great weekend in Skipton during the biennial Puppet Festival. A treat for crafters too 'cos it's wonderful to see the workmanship involved in the making of the puppets as well as experiencing the performances.The puppets in this shot came from Belgium and they accompanied a scary wooden skeleton who danced with a little girl and crawled towards the children.
It's pouring down outside today but that weekend we had wonderful sunshine. I've included a shot of The Flagcrackers of Craven in action at the festival. Just in case you think Morris Dancing is for wimps you should see this lot in action.Energy pours from them in waves. A tiny tot at the side of me was bouncing up and down and pointing her toes.
Ah ha -I see a card made it into the crop of pictures. My little sis in Kent finally landed a job after much searching. She also passed a driving test to drive taxis so that she can drive disabled children to school. The central section is done with a cuttlebug folder onto that stuff you sand -the name escapes me grrrr- coredinations-that's it- with plenty of blingy glitter etc and sequins/wire/jewels.
Finally we have the gloves-think I've caught knittyitis from someone. The time consuming bit is sewing up. There are several pairs knitted in Noro silk garden sock yarn which I bought at SCCS show in Manchester. Now it's a good job I don't know where to get any more locally because I would be living in penury. It's the most expensive yarn I've ever knitted with but the colours are amazing and the feel is wonderful. I've also kntted some with yarn I bought from Bolton Market but they aren't sewn up yet.
Oh and the bedroom is more or less done apart from the curtains and they're down to me-then I've got four pairs of trousers to shorten plus a bedding box to paint. Did somebody say Christmas. AAAAAAAAArrrghhhhhh!