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Monday, 31 January 2011

Betty burbles on

Watch this space
Yes folks I am determined. For all you Stampin' Up! people out there I have achieved my first Stampin' Start objective. Not really sure how I did it because I only joined for the great stamps and the fun and friendship. Jeannette my Stampin' mum doesn't push, she's just there when I need her. Enough of that.
Perhaps you want to know how on earth all that time went by with no blogeration activity.
Don't ask me what with trying to shop with my driver a bit hors de combat and the car blocked in by that white freezy stuff before Christmas-remember or are you like me and can't remember what happened five minutes ago never mind before Christmas. We are in AC now but next month when you all start making those Christmas cards it will be BC 2011. Go on you made a New Year Resolution didn't you that you weren't going to be making them at the last minute ever again.
Anyway I made a NYR to do my blog more often but somehow it's the end of January.
I did get my new glasses and DH got a new pair too as he was so inspired by mine and last weekend I held my first workshop in someone else's house thanks to my little sis who got me the contact and Jeannette who took me over the Pennines to God's Own Country-YORKSHIRE OF COURSE.
Not bad for someone who only joined Stampin'Up! to get the great discount and spend the money saved to redecorate the craft room. Who needs fresh paint and a new carpet when you could have STAMPS AND PUNCHES AND INK AND PAPER AND STAMPIN'WRITE MARKERS AND AND AND. Gives self a mental face slap.
Oh we had a kitchen makeover too-not the full monty but doors fabby sink fabby fabby tap and amazing worktop and dishwasher. When the old one went kaput years ago we decided not to bother with a replacement for just the two of us but lately it's been more difficult to stand at the sink and wash up and the mornings were disappearing rapidly what with recovery time and getting dressed. Anyway it was all done and dusted in two days. The only problem now is where to store the stuff that was in the cupboard where the dishwasher now is.
The worktop is wowee. It's a Granite Transformations worktop and is like a thin skin which fits over the existing worktop. Check out their website. It's cocoa time now so no linkies and no photies but I'll be back asap and that will not be three months. Will put a shot on of my first workshop kit. and some of the samples. All very simple but mine own, except the ones that Jeannette made for me. Thanks again Jeannette for all your help and support.