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Monday, 28 December 2009


That's just what I did with my little sis. We went on a Craftwork Cards Christmas do at the Village Hotel Leeds. Little sis only lives a few miles from there but we stayed overnight as a treat. Would like to mention everyone we met but my lousy memory has failed me again. I do remember that Sue and Julie made us work hard for our dinner and I came away with several lovely projects, all unfinished because I'm such a slowcoach.
As for the other pics- well we are having a wetroom installed at the moment and just thought I would share with you our ONLY bathroom. Yes we are washing in the kitchen sink and the novelty has worn off now. Christmas has been spent watching plaster dry -a lot slower than watching paint dry. The rest of the house is in a challenging condition if you happen to be Kim and Aggie but as for me I wish Santa had brought a magic wand.
DH was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease just before Christmas and the doc is juggling his other medication.
What about the Christmas cake? That's a pressie from some friends. Had to take a piccie before we cut into it. Wonder how long his face will last.
Oh we have also given up our static caravan so I've the contents of a small home piled in my lovely dining room. Can't remember the last time it was actually used as a dining room. Scope for a number of New Year Resolutions here.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bit pear shaped here

And that's not just my figure. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody. You've maybe realised by now that things are bit skewiffy here but we're slowly getting back on an even keel now and I'm hoping to share some of the happenings with you although it will all be old hat by then. Sadly I didn't get to send most of the lovely cards I'd been making over the last few months but I managed to make some emergency cards last Monday and print some slips to go with them thanks to hints and downloads from some great crafty places including Pink Petticoat, Spyders Corner and Crafty Blogocks.
Have learnt so much over the past year from blog hopping and looking forward to learning more. The best thing about cardmaking is there's always something new to learn however long you've been doing it and I've been doing it for 16 years now. There's always something to pass on as well. Got a card from my very first friend this Christmas. We were reunited recently and she decided to have a go at cardmaking for the first time. I'm always thrilled when I pass it on to someone else.
Pictures to follow if I summon up the energy. Love Betty

Friday, 27 November 2009


Why Betty-why are you fed up.
A damnable execrable gremlin got into my hotmail somehow and sent strange e-mails to everyone in my address book. That will be QVC/Create and Craft etc etc plus all the ones I've lost touch with since I first got that e-mail address when Hotmail went live back in the distant past in America and all the ones who haven't let me know their change of address etc. etc. plus the library.
If I banked online -which I don't -I'd probably be on tranquilisers now.
The official view from my very savvy sons was DON'T PANIC.
Most people seemed to sus it out as not being a bit like me.Think it was the mention of the 3G I phone. As my friend Kathy put it " I didn't think you were that posh"-thanks Kathy-a backhanded compliment I believe that's called. Anyway she thought it was strange when the e-mail implied we hadn't seen each other for ages as she just came to see us a few days ago. Oh and her DH installs massive computer systems for a living.
Anyway Barrack Obama (sorry if I spelt it wrong my spelling brain has deserted me these days) got one of these little b*****s . Wonder what he sent to Gordon Brown.
Been granted a clean bill of health but it'll be a long time before I click on any links anywhere even if they do promise a free download of paper.
Ho hum- Cocoa time. Apologies to anyone I haven't rung or e-mailed-grovel grovel.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

And this is later

But these are not weird 'cos I haven't taken the shots yet-just thought you might like to see what I did with the tiny back to basics cards from Craftwork Cards. As you can see I embossed the fronts with an embossing folder. I was so taken with this idea that I did quite a few then couldn't think what to do with them . Here's just some of the results. The dove is another cuttlebug folder. I've only got a couple of these but they create gorgeous results.-think if the mirri and the white were reversed it would be just as good-muggins sat and highlighted every curl with adhesive plus glamour dust but I love them.
Pink card was supposed to be quick. Christmas tree punch again with Pink Passion SU ink an Craftwork Cards snowflake stamps. I made the raised dots with the cropodile by juggling the setting heads until I found the right combination and highlghted with cheap pink glitter glue. Edged the negative bit with the glue and put them back together-would look good raised but I wanted it to post at the cheaper rate.
Here's two for one. You could do this with any letter dies-I just happen to have these stencil ones-they are hellish to reassemble when you cut them but I was pleased with the result. I edged the left hand ones with a silver Krylon pen to get them to stand out. By the way I thought about this one after reading Kath's all that glitters blog the other day-she had a LOVE one done in squares. Should have been simple -no hassle and quick-if you're reading this Pat you'll know what I'm on about.
Now to find out if Craftwork Cards new website is letting me in to the members area yet.
Love the colour coordination idea-saves all the problem of finding and matching products-way to go Sue, Julie and Richie and all the team.

Skewiffy again

Must try harder to load the piccies in the correct order (note to self).
Anyway-first we have the close up. There's a combination of Tim Holz inks-worn lipstick and peeled paint and sprayed with glimmer mist as well as a bit of spritzing with water. Tree as stamped with the green and coloured with stardust pens in gold and dark green then glossy accents added. (This is why I don't add details -I can never remember the product names so I have to go and look for them-don't laugh-it will happen to you eventually) As you can probably see there's a large nestie and I think the little frame is Craftwork Cards. The tree is Woodware. I've just finished it with a little bow and touched the scallops with my Krylon gold leafing pen which is sadly coming to the end of its life.
I keep meaning to try this card in other colour ways but I liked the vintagey feel. Strange as I don't normally do vintage. I stamped it inside with the greeting from the stamp set.
If you're good I'll show you another weird and wonderful Betty card later

Sunday, 22 November 2009


One Christmas card as promised plus my little sis's birthday card. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. She's in London with the family today so I don't think she'll see this before she gets it in the post. I'm sure you can spot my "deliberate error" which is even more noticeable in the photo. If you decide to make one like this make sure you align the design on the paper. I do love the idea of bridging spaces like this. There's no acetate involved. Not my idea but most cards are derivative. If you want inspiration to make cards like this just look on Craftwork Cards website. The single white flowers create the stability whilst the pink scalloped circles are attached to the front with a plain circle attached inside the card. The central sentiment has two black circles sandwiching the edges of the pink scallops with the sentiment on foam tabs. It's very strong and the added single flowers stop it from twisting. Magenta stickles as highlights on the paper and the candy dots. All products are from Craftwork Cards. The promised Christmas card has been done by printing a Pink Petticoat download directly onto a scalloped Back to Basics from Craftwork Cards. Liz at Pink Petticoat suggests using repositionable spray adhesive to do this but I found that I could carefully attach the card to a backing sheet with scotch magic and it worked like a dream. I was left with a piece of printed paper which I could have used for an insert if I'd peeled it apart carefully. It had a lovely reversed scallop border. Next time. It took weeks before I decided to add the little topper which is made from some lovely embossed mirri card/woodware punch/ Stampin' Up punch/glittered candy dots/docrafts star/Nortex Mill ribbon. Cardstock and sentiment came from Craftwork Cards.

I've had that tree punch since I first started making cards (about sixteen years) and this year I've suddenly thought of several ways to use it. By the way I know the little hearts on the printing are upside down but I couldn't work out a way around it-bet there's a function on the printer setting which turns the design through 180. You live and learn. Highlighted everything with glamour dust.
Oh and I've made some homemade pea and ham soup today.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

At last there's more

Hope you weren't holding your breath. I am still here just been away in another universe where knitting/ decorating/ workmen/ housework (you all know the story) got the upper hand. A sackful of complaints have been received from my numerous fans (well my DH has made a comment that I've not been particularly prolific) so I thought I'd better lay my guilty feelings to rest.

Be honest -you were going to say I can't have been making any cards weren't you? Well October is a heavy month for birthdays in this house. There's mine for starters and two nieces one right at the end of September and one two days after mine and altogether there are thirteen on my list including my granddaughter whose card I did actually photograph.

I used Kirsty Wiseman's Patti Picklicious CD -promarkers and lace etc from stash -Bolton Market and Nortex mill to be exact. The pink and black came from a 20p bundle! The orange was a good bit dearer but is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Kirsty-she loved it.

Gotta dash-back with more later including a Christmas card. Blogger just isn't playing with me and I've crashed twice during this post so it's lunch then off out. I just live in a social whirl. ( I wish)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gazillions of gloves

Just in case you think "what's that bag lady woman been up to recently" I thought I'd better make an effort and give you a small taste of the happenings chez nous.
I'm a rubbish blogger because I don't have enough brain and energy to apply myself to working out how to do the layout so you'll have to keep up and try to guess which shots I'm referring to.

There's been quite a bit of gadding about so you might be able to spot the picture taken at Bolton Food Festival when the Hairy Bikers stopped by to do a demo complete with bikes. My niece and nephew got in on the act too.
We had a great weekend in Skipton during the biennial Puppet Festival. A treat for crafters too 'cos it's wonderful to see the workmanship involved in the making of the puppets as well as experiencing the performances.The puppets in this shot came from Belgium and they accompanied a scary wooden skeleton who danced with a little girl and crawled towards the children.
It's pouring down outside today but that weekend we had wonderful sunshine. I've included a shot of The Flagcrackers of Craven in action at the festival. Just in case you think Morris Dancing is for wimps you should see this lot in action.Energy pours from them in waves. A tiny tot at the side of me was bouncing up and down and pointing her toes.
Ah ha -I see a card made it into the crop of pictures. My little sis in Kent finally landed a job after much searching. She also passed a driving test to drive taxis so that she can drive disabled children to school. The central section is done with a cuttlebug folder onto that stuff you sand -the name escapes me grrrr- coredinations-that's it- with plenty of blingy glitter etc and sequins/wire/jewels.
Finally we have the gloves-think I've caught knittyitis from someone. The time consuming bit is sewing up. There are several pairs knitted in Noro silk garden sock yarn which I bought at SCCS show in Manchester. Now it's a good job I don't know where to get any more locally because I would be living in penury. It's the most expensive yarn I've ever knitted with but the colours are amazing and the feel is wonderful. I've also kntted some with yarn I bought from Bolton Market but they aren't sewn up yet.
Oh and the bedroom is more or less done apart from the curtains and they're down to me-then I've got four pairs of trousers to shorten plus a bedding box to paint. Did somebody say Christmas. AAAAAAAAArrrghhhhhh!

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Here I am awaiting my handyman. Not D.H. but the man who has been named "the best little paperhanger in Bolton". He's pretty good at painting too but not today. Why? Cos he's not turned up and I didn't go to The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza at Harrogate because he was coming-except he's not coming until tomorrow and I'm stuck here. Not my week I think.

I love the Harrogate show, it's like my club. I get to see old friends and I know Craftwork Cards are launching new products. Hope this new look for my bedroom is going to be worth it.

Don't you think life sometimes is like swimming up a treacle waterfall?

Talking of waterfalls I thought you might like to see some pics of the Falls of Lodore which is near where I stayed at Glaramara in Borrodale. When my D.H. came to pick me up we stopped off there on our way home and both were quite proud of the fact that we managed to climb up the side to get a view of the water crashing down. We're both fully qualified old crocs and plenty of people (and small children )were skipping past us but what the heck we did it! It was full to bursting with water 'cos we'd had nothing but rain all week. For an amazing description of it just go to Robert Southey's poem "The Cataract of Lodore" . You can find it on http://www.visitcumbria.com/

Friday, 11 September 2009


Yes I am still here.

Bet you thought I'd shuffled off the ole mortal whatsit-you know-kicked the bucket-pegged it or just done a runner with the milkman-well the skimmed milk in a carton from Morrison's man anyway. Just a minute that's my DH and I've got him right here anyway. He keeps muttering about me not looking after my followers properly so I am making an effort while he has actually legged it to the caravan for a fish supper away from my accusing eyes and an amble in the countryside while I deal with the decorator and play with all my crafty goodies.

Seems a long time since Glaramara and my wet felting course. Had a fab time and been chock full of energy since I came back. Met some amazing crafters-all as mad about crafting as me or in some cases even more. You know who you are!

Since then I've cleared out the wardrobe and the bedroom is getting a makeover. There has been much cooking, cleaning and crafting and no time for computers.

I learnt a new term while I was away. Apparently people who dabble in everything like me are "cross crafters" according to Carrie (see comments on previous post) and I'm certainly living up to it.

Last friday I went to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show in Manchester and bought Noro yarn as I've only just discovered it. It's reawakened my passion for knitting. Since then I've knitted three pairs of gloves and I daren't show them to anyone else at the moment 'cos everyone who's seen them makes sheeps eyes at me and asks for a pair. I have become a one woman glove factory. The yarn is called silk garden sock yarn. It's got silk, kid mohair and lambswool plus nylon for wearing quality and comes in glorious colours.

What else did I get? Weeell----------a new sewing machine!

At the moment I'm staying calm but the first one delivered fell through the bottom of the box as it was lifted off the delivery van. The second one came this morning and I've been playing with it for the rest of today but it is now refusing to sew and the technician is coming to look at it on Monday. I am telling myself these are teething problems but remembering my lovely treadle machine -given away years ago-and hoping it'll all sort itself out before I have actually shuffled off this etc (see above).

Wot no photos Betty? My patience has worn a little teensy weensy thin and I'm not sure I can keep up this post before I just have to go and knit another glove to stop myself thinking a bout that bally sewing machine! Wouldn't care but I've got a pair of curtains to make for the bedroom with a 98 inch drop and two widths in each curtain. Still don't really need them until the new carpet's down eh?
Actcherly I lied. I decided to stick some piccies on. The first is Glaramara-the place I stayed in and the strange bits and bobs are some of the jewellery I made. There was loads of amazing stuff done by all the other course participants-enough to fill an art gallery-and I've got hundreds of shots but I think blogger would die if I tried to post much more and I would die of starvation before I sorted it out so off to the kitchen then back to the gloves.
Lotta love Betty -esp to Carrie who I met on the course. How's the patchwork Carrie and have you managed to do any more felting since you got home or have you just been bashing drums? (More later. I've got to keep you all guessing)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Off on a junket

Dear everybody out there. Tomorrow I'm tripping off to the Glaramara Centre in the beautiful Lake District. Don't worry, I've not got a sudden attack of adventure and activity unless you count learning a new craft technique. I don't just do cardmaking, oh no, I'll have a go at lots of stuff especially if it involves colourful bits and pieces and lots of fiddling about. Recently I've been having a go at dry and wet felting -recently as in for the last couple of weeks that is. On Monday I spotted the course which I really fancied - DH said get it booked and get off with you and tomorrow I'm off for the week. Ta ta. Tell you all about it when I get back ,if I'm still in one piece that is.

Monday, 10 August 2009


Don't know how this happened but obviously if you start a post on one day and finish it on another it posts on the original day AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CHANGE IT CURSE, CURSE, CURSE.
So if you want to know my little tip for a nifty card format just go to 6th August post. I am now officially weary and done for the day. Signing out.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Quickest card ever

Free download from Two Peas in a Bucket printed directly onto the card front coloured with some pearlescent chalks. Image stamped with chocolate SU ink on same cardstock and coloured with same chalks. Eyes have been dotted in with sakura souffle pen and flower has been coloured with souffle pens and glamour dust tipped on. I cut out the bear and glued him (or is it her)directly onto the card front in the interests of saving postage costs and tied a tiny gingham bow which has been glued on with pinflair glue gel.

The downloads can be found here http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/
Think I'll be able to get loads of use out of just this one by changing the colours and resizing etc etc. If I can get to grips with photoshop I might actually spend money!!
By the way this is also my quickest post ever-cheerio.
Oh yes they are official Hero Arts downloads. I love this stamp but it's one I don't own.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tip as promised

Have had problems getting this done as I just faff about all the time but I wanted to share with you a card format which I used a lot last Christmas. It's very simple to make but gives you a whole new world of decorating possibilities. I discovered it on my own but I'm sure someone else has thought of it before. I called it an offset gatefold and it fits in a C6 envelope. I can't work out how to add enough images to illustrate so will try to describe it and add some samples. Here goes

A4 card-using landscape place against folding board and score on A5 gatefold line.

Turn through 180 degrees ie work on the opposite side

Score on half fold A5 line

Fold score lines in.(if you have a bit of overlap just trim)

Now you can use it in this format or cut it in half on the A6 line.

SIMPLES but with endless possibilities which I have barely explored.

If you make some let me know please . A bit like a challenge really but I don't do them cos I just can't work out how to do the linky thing and plenty more besides.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Happy Birthday Zac

This card was made last week and posted on Sunday but didn't share it just in case it got seen before it should have been. They are inkadinkado transparent stamps and I bought them locally.

Just in case you thought I was really clever coming up with that design I have shared my inspiration from the back of the pack. Don't think the pack designer used the stamps though 'cos the guitar has been resized. It did help me out. All the pieces of card are from stash. The silver embossed mirri card came from Craftwork Cards aeons ago and I didn't know I had the blue until I spotted it last week. There's some Stampin'Up cardstock and some Papermill Shop as well.

I'm working on a little (very very little) tip thingy for my next post. Don't expect a video. If you want really fancy go on Spyder's blog, she has some smashing technique videos

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday in the park with...........

about a thousand triathletes. They may have been taking part in an Ironman competition but women were involved and I took my camera along to prove it. I'm only used to taking shots of cards so I was quite pleased with these. Shame about that chap at the back. Think I recognise him-ah yes it's the madman who decided to get up at halfpast four in the morning to bag a good spot to watch the cycling. I didn't go with him but couldn't sleep and I was hanging out washing by seven o'clock---SEVEN O'CLOCK AAARGHHH.
Felt very virtuous. Shan't be doing it again in a hurry. In case you wondered we only had to stroll a few yards from the house to see all this but that is not chez nous in the background.

This is one of the leading women and the
fella at the back is my DH. There was a bit of a cool breeze so we wrapped up warm!
I have also been doing some cardmaking. Me and Tim or make that Tim and I have got a thing going on and here are the results. First there's coated cardstock with peeled paint/dusty concord/pine needles/black soot ink all blended. This was my first go and I loved the effect. I then stamped the image with stazon-versafine doesn't dry on coated stock but s'pose I could've embossed it. Next I used old paper and walnut stain on uncoated card and stamped the same image first with old paper then with walnut stain. I was very good and made them both into cards. Bit challenged on that bit but think it's so striking it doesn't need much else. Could gold emboss a sentiment in the top right of the coloured one but sometimes I like to leave them and decide when I use them. Now if you want to know about the image I'm going to disappoint you. I know them when I see them at shows but they are unmounted and at the mo' I just can't remember

Just to end I think you may have noticed I don't do card challenges. It's 'cos I prefer not to pressure myself, just go at whatever pace Ye Olde Condition dictatates. I do challenge myself though and my ongoing one is using up stash. Anyway I decided to print out a sheet of Pink Petticoat Christmas trees and try to use every one in a different way. I managed four but I'm not the fastest of cardmakers and each one got a little bit more complicated than the last. This is what I ended up with. Managed to use a bit of my peel off stash. Don't know why I succumb to them but they do accumulate and you never get to the end of the sheet. For the circle background I mounted the peel offs en masse onto mirri card and cut with a nesty then coloured them in with permanent pens-and these started off as quick cards ha ha ha. Think I will play about with the ribbon threaded through idea but keep the next one ultra simple. This is my mantra -ultra simple Betty, ultra simple Betty. That's the cards not me. Tata

Friday, 31 July 2009

Tri-shutter card

Yes I did make a tri-shutter card. It lent itself to a sort of double treatment. I'm not going to try to alter that first shot or I'll be here until kingdom come. The cardstock is Stampin'Up and the papers are the Smirk ones by Trimcraft which I loved when I bought them -made a couple of cards -and then what to do with the rest? The blank panel is for your greeting.You could attach a tag I suppose to write on. If you want to know how to do this card-and some samples-have a look on www.splitcoaststampers.com It's fairly easy if a bit trying creating all the panels but it does look impressive and I'm sure there's loads of versions you could dream up.
Back to the drawing board Ta Ta

Distracted by visitors

Two little fellas have come to stay for a fortnight and charmed their way into my heart. This shot was taken through the glass of their palatial pad so there's a bit of reflection.

I don't do babysitting/petsitting etc etc except in a crisis-can't handle the responsibility but nobody else wanted to take them on so I thought I'd better do the decent Mum thing.

Darn it they are gorgeous and I've fallen in love. What are they? They are Degus-sort of a cross between a chinchilla and a gerbil. They are very lively but I took this when I noticed them stop to listen to me whistling -LOL. Rushed for my camera and whistled "Colonel Bogey" at them -they seemed to like it. They've been with us a week now and I've actually managed to stroke one of them. Not got much crafting done!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lavinia stamps

How annoying-the inside came on before the outside-I will never fathom this-ah well. Have managed to get the camera out and take some piccies. Since my discovery of Crafty by Nature in Farnworth , a real crafters craft shop with all sorts of bits and bobs, I've been playing with Tim Holz (I wish) and I got out some Lavinia stamps which seem to lend themselves to these kind of treatments.

I'm afraid I love to just mess about without actually completing a card but this time I was determined and an inside too. Why I've never used distress inks before I don't know but I really do have hundreds of inks. The colour I've used for the background is broken china and I've also sprayed it with Glitz Spritz desert moon endless sky (had this for years and it matches beautifully. I then sprayed again with water and recrumpled so that the spray ran a bit and then rubbed the crumples. If you want to know more about these techniques (bet you lot are already fully up to speed with 'em anyway) you should watch Jill Tuck of The Stampman demonstrate or better still nip over to America and pop in on Tim Holz-LOL. After ironing the paper I just inked the background stamp with broken china again and stamped the wording over the top. Fairy is coloured with Cosmic shimmers and Sakura stardust and I've added a bit of Stickles stardust.

As you can see the inside is slightly different with a bit of masking and no crumply wumply. Bet that distress ink would look good stamped over with brilliance inks as well.

Some heart shaped sequins crept in on some wire. I wound them around the brad and just to make sure they stayed there I tried out something else I thought I'd give a try-Pinflair glue gel. So far it's living up to its reputation -that's some more glue to add to the collection then wouldn't mind some more of those Lavinia stamps either.

Am off to practice my tri- shutter, cantilever and double slide cards now. If you want to see a lovely tri-shutter card hop over to Kaye's Crafty Place-don't land on a kangaroo.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bit under the weather

Dear folks-sorry no post-bit under the weather at the moment.
Spent last week trying to stock up the freezer a bit with some bulk cooking. Poor planning really as we tend to run out all at the same time. Not cordon bleue-just basic grub like bolognese sauce, casseroles and stuff. Then tried my best to get ahead with the housework and keep on top so it wasn't too big a deal. What with that and the rain everything has conspired to bring back the FMS big style.
Did manage to go to two demos which I thoroughly enjoyed. The first was at a local craft shop that I've just discovered which has been there for three years-can't believe I've never spotted it. They had a demo involving Tim Holz distress inks which I have avoided for a long time 'cos a while ago I just felt I had enough inks. Since I vowed never to buy any more inks -guess what- I discovered Versafine, which I love and I'm now a Tim Holz convert as well.
I then went to a Docrafts demo at my local Range where I saw a double slide and a triple slide. Came home and made some blanks to remind me. The double slide I particularly loved. Apparently they are both on You Tube. Impressive and not too difficult.
Did make a couple of cards but didn't take shots for once. In one I used the Big Fella alphabet from Pink Petticoat and in the other the Tim Holz ink and a great stamp of a vintage biplane from Papermania-ie they were both for blokes.
Enfys will be pleased to note that I did buy the Dustin Pike downloads while they were on offer. Thanks for that Enfys. Hope everyone has seen the new tiny alphas from Pink Petticoat- they are scrummy and I've been playing about with them in Publisher since I got more acquainted with the ins and outs thanks to all the online help I've had from Paul at Crafty Blogocks and Regina at The Cutting Cafe.
Will post some piccies when I've got something to show.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Happy Birthday to you

My graduation card for daughter- in -law
Printed directly onto 300 gsm card using Paul's instructions and doodle curls from Pink Petticoat
Sentiment Girly Curly Pink Petticoat
Cap stamped on back of card scraps then cut out and layered.
Making an envelope but not done it yet
My first biggie using a Dustin Pike image and Cutting Cafe download.
Details to follow 'cos going out now. Ta ta.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Crafty philosophy

Or Wednesday wandering-or make up your own title.
A while ago Jeannette (my lovely SU supplier) said she'd been having a discussion about what was the most important equipment for a beginner and asked me what my thoughts were. I've been pondering ever since and I've got a long list but here's a few for you to think about and they are FREE.

  1. The eyes in your head. Use them to look around you. There are shop displays, bought cards, this seasons colours, mother nature, craft stores, visits to craft shows-add some more here.........
  2. The tongue in your head. This has served me very well and probably driven some people mad. How many times have you been at a craftshow and seen someone demonstrating and walked away without really understanding what they are doing. They are selling something and they'll be only too happy to answer your questions. As for craft shops-if they can't take the trouble to answer your query-don't shop there again-find someone with the patience to help you. I've not been able to get to The Stampman recently but they have helped me a great deal.
  3. The internet. This is a no brainer and the reason I decided to put this post on today . If you're reading this you have internet access and most likely broadband so use it not just for blog hopping but for searching out and watching craft videos. My absolute favourite is the Hot off the Press one at paperwishes.com. I think you have to sign up to their newsletter but it is worth it because you then get notification of their webisodes which are usually weekly but occasionally they do a week of webisodes like this week. There are some great ideas and even if you don't buy their products you will love these ideas. My other favourite is the one from Crafts Beautiful (which includes Make Jewellery Magazine) which I catch up on fairly often. These are hosted by You Tube and as well as advertising the issues of the magazine they also have little technique spots. I've just been viewing one on making wrapped beads. I made a couple then I had a card to make so I went with the flow and used wire on the card.

There you have it for now. I'm just going to have a go at some of the ideas I spotted on the webisodes. Tomorrow I'll put some cards on if I get time. We are going out on the bus passes. Probably to Gallery Oldham which has a couple of exhibitions on we've been meaning to get round to seeing. Never know, I might pick up some inspiration.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Says it all

Wasn't going to post today but I've just read Edna's blog and I'm sad to see she has decided to give up her blog. I hope it's just temporary and when she gets a bit more on top of things she'll be back. After all just wait until winter when there's nothing on TV! and the sun isn't shining.
On a more cheerful note I see Liz is giving the site a face lift over at Pink Petticoat and that she's involved with Cardmaker of the year at Cardmaking and Papercraft.
Remember I talked about sympathy cards well I made this one for a friend of my husband. His wife has just died after a thirty year battle with various cancers.
I kept it very simple. No need for hearts and flowers. The rub on is from the same sheet as before and I printed onto the 300gsm card from Century card that Liz recommends using a Pink Petticoat download. Think it was washed out-or something like that. I put an insert in using the lovely Tesco 120gsm paper we all love and signed it on the back. I have been working on something else but it's a secret for now 'cos my DH reads this blog. I don't know why because we do live in the same house and we see each other at mealtimes.
Occasionally we have conversations as well.
I've also got to do my first graduation card for our daughter in law who receives her degree this week. Party on Saturday. She has worked very hard.
Going now before numty bumty becomes permanent. Don't work too hard. See you soon.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh dear, playing catch up!

What happened there then? Stopped for a breather and suddenly it's the beginning of July and I'm planning my Christmas cards.
I hadn't really stopped though. I got it into my head to enter a competition in Creativity magazine. Somebody has to win after all. It took over my life because I really want to win. The prize is a visit to Hallmark Cards in BRADFORD plus thirty pounds worth of goodies (as if I didn't have enough). All right -it's not Disneyland or London but you know me I love Bradford and I fancied getting my card in the mag and meeting Claire Curd who seems like a nice lass. It would be something a bit different in my life. Anyway my six entries have been sent in but I don't think I can bear to post them on my blog in case it's tempting fate too much. Can't really imagine I might win but..........Oh and I had to send in a snapshot of myself as well ....painful.

Meanwhile we had a little fundraiser at the group I go to and I managed to sell a few cards as my contribution including some flowerpot cards which I was quite pleased with. We raised over £100 for Marie Curie cancer care.
While I was sorting out my competition entry I had to call at the post office which is right next door to Nortex Mill (Chorley Old Road Bolton personal shoppers only) so I popped in to check out if they were giving anything away and just bought a few ribbons to top up the collection. You never know when a world wide ribbon shortage may occur.

Another sympathy card

Pink Petticoat flourishes which I used to make the envelope as well.

Base card is 300 gsm from century paper as recommended by Liz at Pink Petticoat which I finally sussed how to get my printer to print without begging and pleading with it.

Royal and Langnickel rub on.

One of the not so good things about being older seems to be the number of sympathy cards to make. Sometimes quickly. This is the third one this year for us and I've another to make. My neighbour is Hindu and it's difficult sometimes to know what's appropriate but I wanted to drop something through the door to let her know I was thinking about her. I don't usually use rub ons but this sheet has been useful although some of the sentiments on it are way too flowery for me.

Final flowerpot

Seen these on a couple of blogs and wanted to know how to make them 'cos couldn't quite work it out. Think I finally found it on Craft Planet but it could have been Split Coast Stampers. Sorry if I'm being brief but got some probs with the ole pandies and armies as well just now (and the bumty is a bit numty-not to mention the head!!LOL). Anyway thanks to a major two day clear out prompted by the gift of a black bin bag full of storage boxes from my lovely buddy Lynn I found all sorts of bits and pieces including the whizzy paper on the pot which came as a freebie with Cardmaking and Papercraft. Got out several punches and had fun making up flowers with card candy from Craftwork cards in the middle. Even the tag was in the freebie. Struggled with leaves as couldn't find any green I liked except the little scrap.

The flowerpot is destined for a friend who moved house in May! Thought I'd better not send a new home card now as it's a bit late. Oops

Apart from all that I've been keeping an eye on the nasturtiums I planted in chimney pots in the backyard. At the moment the blackfly have homed in and need ERADICATING. How do they know where my nasturtiums are?

Much excitement over the weekend as a small contingent made their way to Glastonbury.

Number one son and partner plus number two son (on a jolly away from the family). I've still got the texts which I received over the course of this junket and they certainly gave an added excitement to watching on TV.

Here's just a few

  1. specials nr a donkey flag (me "there's hundred's of ****** flags")
  2. yes,but just one donkey shaped (I didn't see it!)
  3. about to cry. two little boys. uh oh. ( I then had a phone call apparently to distract himself from bursting into tears at Rolf Harris. Number two said he had trouble during Sun Arise. I remember when we went to see ET.

There were others and I've not seen the photos yet. Trashland was apparently incredible (that's not a group by the way just one of the many areas on the site.

If you watched and you saw a sombrero in the crowd it might have been my babe. Then again.....

Have had another delivery from Jeanette of Stampin'Up goodies and have also had gooseberries given by DH's friend at the Oxfam shop who has an allotment. So far I've made gooseberry crumble and gooseberry fool and frozen some.

That's it then -how we got to July without trying. DH's birthday on the ninth and daughter in law graduates next week so plenty more cardmaking to get on with apart from standing guard over the nasturiums armed with some sort of spray to knock those black fly from the skies before they feed on my babies. Hey ho see ya folks.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Following on from last week's housework

There was a positive result from last weeks housework. DH said he didn't mind if I got rid of a bunch of unreal (can't think what else they are called) flowers from the bedroom that I've been trying to dispose of for ages. Just before they went in the bin I remembered the great results my buddy Lynne got from something similar and had a closer look at them. Out came the Stanley knife and wallop -the bunch was deceased. I cleaned them with a damp cloth and tried to starch them with spray starch to stiffen them a bit but they have a sort of coating which also resists attempts to colour them with inks (some are white). This is what I've come up with so far. I've tickled the insides as well after seeing the beautiful cards Edna makes. Can't promise to do it every time but it does cut down on the need for inserts.
I supported this one at the back and it's on a Papermania scalloped card. £2.99 for 12 at Boundary Mill and I buy clothes there as well! Don't always go round in rags. I'm tempted when it's a toss up between craft goodies and fashion. The paper is from one of those colossal papermania packs. You know oodles for tuppence and then you don't know what to do with the umpteen sheets left over.

Last a more orangey one. The glitter in the middle is Tiara stickles. Yes I know I said yesterday that I used Tiara on that other card but it was Sequin. I'm not a reliable witness.

Just to be clear, apart from the contribution from Mr. Morrison (ie the flowers) -that's the bloke who sold a TWENTYFIVE MILLION POUNDS lottery ticket to somebody not too far from me in the supermarket DH does the shopping in every week- and the papermania products, all the rest is Craftwork Cards and nesties and swiss dots folder and Anita's acrylic paint.
I've still got a shoe box full of flowers from an ancient bunch that was on it's way to the dustbin.
DH doesn't like flowers with holes in 'cos they're not real. Somebody tell him. It's all in the imagination darling.