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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Off on a junket

Dear everybody out there. Tomorrow I'm tripping off to the Glaramara Centre in the beautiful Lake District. Don't worry, I've not got a sudden attack of adventure and activity unless you count learning a new craft technique. I don't just do cardmaking, oh no, I'll have a go at lots of stuff especially if it involves colourful bits and pieces and lots of fiddling about. Recently I've been having a go at dry and wet felting -recently as in for the last couple of weeks that is. On Monday I spotted the course which I really fancied - DH said get it booked and get off with you and tomorrow I'm off for the week. Ta ta. Tell you all about it when I get back ,if I'm still in one piece that is.


  1. Betty hope you have a fantastic time up in the Lakes, I love that area of the country and have had many beautiful outings up there.

    I worked out how you can change the date on your posting, when you create or edit a post at the bottom left corner it says post options, click on that and you can change the date there. Hope this works

    Kaye x

  2. Betty hope you have a good time. What I want to know is what hubby is going to get up to while your away as he seemed so keen for you to go LOL!
    I've just posted a card on my blog with the gorgeous crochet flowers you so kindly sent me.
    http://patscardmakingpassion.blogspot.com/2009/08/very-productive-monday.html, so you can check it out when you get back.
    Love, Pat xx

  3. toodle pip then , enjoy yourself and I look forward to hearing about felting and seeing some examples!


  4. Me again Betty to let you know I've left you something on my blog.
    Love, Pat xx

  5. Hi Betty, hope you are OK?

    Very nice to meet you at Glaramara :)