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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Just popping by

Thought I'd stick my head around the corner to let you know I'm still ticking along. Could do with winding up a bit at the moment.
Had a bad night last night as DH was restless. His Parkinsons disease causes him to have terrible dreams -talking, laughing, fighting, running (in bed-not out of it) and cycling all seem to feature. Unfortunately none of this mixes with FMS-one poor night and I lose a day-or two or three. Forward one step then back three! We are waiting for a wheelchair for DH so that he can get out a bit without being completely drained. I'm determined to try it although I might not have much strength for the job. You never know until you try do you?
Crafting has taken a back seat for quite a while and the year has flown by with various hospital appointments and meetings with physiotherapists-occupational therapists etc etc. Managing without a car means a lot of time and spare energy is taken up with shopping but at least it gives us spare money-no bad thing.
Still enjoying Pinterest. Lots of love to anyone who pops by. Hope you're all still enjoying crafting. Hugs Betty

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Blast! Just when I'm resolved to have a little blogginess bloomin' blogger has to start playing about with the format. It's hard enough to remember my head. Now where did I put it? Ah yes. Any FMS peeps out there will know what I mean. You begin to think you've got a slender grip on things and then the rug is pulled out from under you. So-Pinterest. This is my latest obsession because my head is full of techniques but the part of my brain that helps me make a card seems to have shut down completely. Pinterest is a way of hanging on to all that stuff you spot while surfing without cluttering up your hard drive and also checking out what everyone else is hanging on to. The magical bit is the way it links to the original blog post thus enabling you to discover talented people all over the world. It's not just for crafters -oh no-but crafters definitely use it. Problem is they don't all write in English! What a nuisance. So I'm raking in the back of my brain to get the O level German out and wishing I'd studied it longer. Flipperty flump, it is 50 years ago. French isn't too bad. I am loving Paulines Papier,(German with fab pictures) but my latest discovery has me stumped completely. Why? IT'S ALL IN SQUIGLY STUFF. Think it's Chinese but it could be Japanese. Very tantalising. My Chinese friend has gone to see her Mum and Dad in China so she can't help. If you would like to look at my board it's here Snag is it's like blogging and eats into your crafting time so tata. (If you are wondering "Wot no paragraph breaks?" I've put them in but blinking blogger has removed them on the preview so suspect there's something I'm missing))

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Just for Julia

Here's a close up which might just show the silver embossed on the vellum
BTW daft slip up merchant that I am-good job I rang Yvonne to ask if she would bring a particular stamp with her, turned out we're meeting next Saturday, not yesterday.
Can hear my Mum saying "HMMPH you'd forget your head if it was loose"

Saturday, 24 March 2012

And our next little exercise

Well you are all aware I'm a Stampin' Up gal now and have been for a while, there's even a tiny team courtesy of Yvonne and Becki, my downline and her downline, so we decided to meet up when work and other annoying commitments allowed.
It's easiest to meet at mine due to my lack of transport and as I'm the Mummy so to speak I get to suggest a subject to concentrate on. This time I've decided we are going to do some heat embossing and that's partly 'cos yours truly hasn't done any for ages. Now this is one of those moments when my mojo truly deserts me. Lately there's been a lot of surfing the net and relying on finding something to case.
In fact that is one of the reasons I love Stampin' Up -great products- and thousands of experienced demonstrators and customers all applying themselves to getting the best out of them and sharing the results online, not to mention the Idea book and catalogue (plus the regular minis).
Anyway this time I decided I had to try to make something of my own to showcase a bit of embossing. This is what I've come up with so far.

Card used-Brushed gold,Brushed silver, Very vanilla, White vellum.
Stamps used-Teeny tiny wishes,Heard from the heart.
Stampin' Emboss powder- Gold, Silver.
Crochet trim-Chantilly (for flower),Victoria.
Embossing folder-Designer frames.
Punch-Eyelet border.
Stampin' Up Exclusive Sizzlits die- Little leaves.
Jewels- Rhinestone.
Think I've just realised why I gave up blogging, the photography has defeated me completely and the card is definitely much nicer in the flesh with the silver embossed leaves against the brushed silver card, the sparkly crystals and the luxurious lace. Sometimes it's lovely to break out the luxury stash instead of letting it moulder in the cupboard

Friday, 16 March 2012


When I went to a training session with Julie I filled in one of those little slips she gives us where we have to say what we are going to do etc etc-you know the sort of thing. Now when I was working I detested those blessed things plus feedback feedback blah blah blah and thought Iwas done with them -after all I'm a sick woman and a sick RETIRED woman. I am only doing this for a hobby but Julie is so lovely and so enthusiastic and she devises such a fun time for us all and everyone else looks as though they are filling them in so what's a girl (girl -who am I kidding!) to do. So I filled it in -in January-but only in pencil so does it count?
What was it I put -in JANUARY?
I quote -from a very poor memory-"I will try to blog more"
Now Julie I know you are very busy devising even more treats but if you are reading this 'cos you did sign up to follow my blog aeons ago get up off the floor where you are probably rolling with shock that I'm making some kind of bloggy effort. No pictures yet but I could surprise you all as Yvonne has awarded me something or other and she is my downline. She has the misguided idea that I inspire her -crumbs she inspires me-just don't know how she fits in what she does fit into her day. She is full of energy. So I'm making an effort for Yvonne and Julie and all my other bloggy crafty friends out there and I promise that there is more to come-just don't hold your breath as I wouldn't like to be responsible.
Hugs Betty