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Saturday, 18 June 2016


Just popped back to say it's worldwide knit in public day. There are no events near me but good luck to all you public knitters. Clickety click.

Moved house and drastically downsized

OK I'll just give myself a prod. Ouch, yes still here. Life has moved on and taken me with it.
I'm now living in a two bedroom bungalow with a fairly big garden and a garden room, that is a conservatory with a real roof. There's also a garage and a loft ladder that I can just about climb.
As yet my craft stash is completely disorganised so it's difficult to start any project because sorting through boxes is not the way I want to use my precious energy. Until I get some units to organise my stash in I will have to content myself with using what is to hand.
Am chomping at the bit to get crafting again and have been doing a bit of paper crafting plus some knitting but I think the last year or so have taken a lot out of me and I can't remember how to blog so if I keep this up it will be a whole new learning experience. Got to go as builder is due this afternoon and I'm not dressed yet.
Was going to post a picture but don't have a clue how to do it. Don't seem to be able to do it direct from my iPad. BLAST. Ah well onward and upward.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Something very difficult to say

My last post was made when my lovely husband's health was deteriorating and since then all my time has been occupied with caring for him. He finally died on the seventeenth of February, peacefully in his sleep, at home, in the early hours of the morning.
People seem to think I will be at a loose end but nothing can be further from the truth. There's plenty to do and I will be able to take up the threads of my life knowing that I'm the luckiest person in the world to have loved and been loved by such an amazing person.
When things are settling down here I am looking forward to blogging again

Friday, 16 May 2014

Still here but struggling

Thought I'd better post something before blogger kicks me out. Yes I do intend to blog but things are difficult just now as my days are taken up almost completely by caring for my lovely husband. Am still managing to make a few cards but time and energy sadly lacking and although I've got plenty of gorgeous stuff to play with I barely scratch the surface. Incidentally I heard a funny phrase recently which applies to me and probably some of you lot too -SABLE- STASH ACQUISITION BEYOND LIFE EXPECTANCY. Very tickled by that one? Hugs to all-Betty.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The sleeper wakes-or Sleeping Beauty (LOL)

Yes I took a picture that I wanted to post on here but it's so long since I blogged that I can't find my camera lead and it's late and I'm cross with myself and my fuzzy noddle. Anyway I'll tell you all about it.
Tomorrow is new catalogue launch day and us demos have had access to some goodies for a month to play with and I've had a play with the great Simply pressed clay.
Since Friday I've made little flowers and buttons in the lovely silicone moulds and it's so easy. Well the buttons were a bit harder but I found some tips on You Tube and all I need to do now is make some cards to go with them.
That's what I love about Stampin' Up, if you have a problem you can bet someone else will have found the answer. It gives me the confidence to have a go. Years ago I tried with paper clay but my results were rubbish now I'm just itching to play with the stuff. I've coloured it with reinkers before I used it and I've coloured it after it's dried as well by painting with a waterbrush and ink from an ink pad. I've painted crystal effects over to give a shiny finish and I've dipped it in dazzling diamonds before it dried. Will have to buy a new lead and make an effort. Think the sunshine is giving me a boost of energy. Early to bed early to rise makes a girl ready to get an order in as soon as the website is up and running for the new catalogue.
 Oh yes she's got it bad folks but it ain't half good.
And it's tomorrow now and I've uploaded the photo by putting the SD card in the side of my laptop 'cos I forgot something yesterday-I use my DH's old laptop now which is more whizzy than mine-so feast your eyes on these little goodies. TTFN

Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Year and new beginning

Well folks don't hold your breath but there might be some action on the blog front. Think I will search out the ole' camera and get taking some shots again. Everything needs updating including my header so will have to buckle down.
Remember back in September I said we were waiting for a wheelchair-well we got it and it's not as easy as it looks.
I was struggling to shop too but that's sorted 'cos it's all done online now and a lovely delivery driver brings it to my door. Woe betide him if there's anything they can't supply.
Everyone tells me if you do your grocery shop online you save money-well not this lady-oh no. It's fantastic to be able to sit down with a cuppa and just amble around the pages looking at all the goodies and wondering what you can cook with them-not that you could call me a cordon bleu chef or even a little chef ha-ha.
Talking about cooking that's another thing that's happening too on the food front-cutting down. There's a wedding taking place in June, number one son is marrying his lovely partner and said partner and I are determind to look our best on the big day so it's no to biccies, no to puds and no to crisps and spuds (well not quite no but a lot less).
Since Monday I've been walking tall because despite being umpty stones overweight the Wii fit tells me my Wii fit age is seven years below my actual age so underneath all that wobbly stuff there's a fabulous body determined to get out.
What about crafting-yes I'm still crafting and loving the new Stampin' Up sale-a-bration goodies so must get something on here as well as updating all my Stampin' Up info. I'm also head over heels for the Tea For Two DSP in the Spring/Summer supplement the colour combo of Calypso Coral, Early Espresso, Island Indigo, Lucky Limeade, Pretty in Pink and So Saffron is just gorgeous. That's something I love about Stampin' Up-the way you can use the colour combos in the DSP to guide you how to coordinate the colours in your projects so everything gels.
Like I said, don't hold your breath but Spring is coming and maybe a bit of change is in the air.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Just popping by

Thought I'd stick my head around the corner to let you know I'm still ticking along. Could do with winding up a bit at the moment.
Had a bad night last night as DH was restless. His Parkinsons disease causes him to have terrible dreams -talking, laughing, fighting, running (in bed-not out of it) and cycling all seem to feature. Unfortunately none of this mixes with FMS-one poor night and I lose a day-or two or three. Forward one step then back three! We are waiting for a wheelchair for DH so that he can get out a bit without being completely drained. I'm determined to try it although I might not have much strength for the job. You never know until you try do you?
Crafting has taken a back seat for quite a while and the year has flown by with various hospital appointments and meetings with physiotherapists-occupational therapists etc etc. Managing without a car means a lot of time and spare energy is taken up with shopping but at least it gives us spare money-no bad thing.
Still enjoying Pinterest. Lots of love to anyone who pops by. Hope you're all still enjoying crafting. Hugs Betty