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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

WOYWW12 for me

Here we are again, happy as can be, all good pals and jolly good company.
I would be if I could get on the internet quickly. Had to decamp to the living room as just not getting a signal in my workroom which is appropriate as that is where I've been crafting and watching Wimbledon.

There's a new baby due in our family in August. Little sis down south is about to become a granny so I've been knitting. I also found a stash of little things that just need sewing up.
On the needles there's a beret I started last night.

Close up you can see the little Mary Janes I knitted from a free pattern I found on the internet.
I love the little socks but they were in my stash and I don't know if I've still got the pattern. It could have been one I borrowed.
The little tank top has been knitted in King Cole Splash which is a lovely multi coloured yarn-really exciting to work with. Underneath you can see the Sirdar book I found on my shelf last night. It's over 10 years old but has some lovely stylish designs in it.
Get over to The Stamping Ground where you will meet Julia who will show you how to put your stuff on display and join in the fun

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

WOYWWis it my number11? (slept in a bit!)

Groundhog day again-ha ha ha-and just to prove it blogger uploaded my piccies 3-yes THREE times. Had to carefully delete in case I ended up with 3 the same.
Commercial break-get over to THE STAMPING GROUND and you will find out where all the barmpots hang out on Wednesdays.
Wide view -you can see a couple of cards I'm sorting for my friend who will take them back to South West Ireland. She is so good for my ego as she thinks my stuff is amazing. Fancy coming all the way from County Cork to buy cards. I tell a lie-she visits her DD and family in Todmorden.
Close in -I decided last night about 10pm that card candy would make great buttons-not on my cardi silly people-but needed little holes. Tried a punch but a screw punch was better. This needed perfecting but had to leave as a shilling in the energy meter was required.
One drawer full of children's stamps for nosey people.
and a drawer full of big stamps and sets as a bonus. Off to get my porridge now-or muesli or baked beans on toast or---------- but I'll be back to visit YOU :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Well it is Glastonbury time of year and a small entourage has just set off from Greater Manchester. I am so jealous but am not physically capable so I survive on ecstatic text messages which somehow manage to get through. Don't know how the phone masts survive the barrage of thousands of calls and images and texts all being sent at the same time.
Anyway today I'm showing you my latest obsession-hand cut paper flowers. The idea is from a great website I surfed into-thanks to whoever provided the link-called making-handmade-cards. I downloaded the freebie and signed up for the newsletter. A couple of weeks ago there was a great little video of how to make these handmade flowers.This is number one which is from a K and Co paper pack. I persevered and I was reasonably happy so made it into a card then I reviewed the instructions and made another one

which pleased me more.
Getting better I used the blue colour way of the K and Co and for the centre I punched and shaped some paper and coated with glossy accents. The flowers were edged with distress inks as before but this time I used platinum colour box pigment ink as well.
Last of all I varied the petals again and used some old Laura Ashley papers and a Penny Black text stamp. The central petal layer is bigger and made from some metallic papermill paper which has also been edged with platinum ink. I love this effect and I'm pleased that such a simple technique and a bit of practice can produce great results. It's a lovely one for children provided they can cut through several layers of paper at once.
Now what else can I use?

Friday, 18 June 2010

My head went CLICK

After years of papercrafting I can usually look at a card and see what's been done and think of how I would do it or even a modification or development but this idea has never clicked with me. I think I've seen it done by Julie Hickey and Paula Pascual but only on blogs or in magazines-never in real life and it's never clicked with me what a simple effective popout it is. Suddenly watching Dawn the other evening I had a Eureka moment and thought what a drip I'd been when I couldn't see for the life of me what was going on before.In the morning I couldn't wait to get in my craft room and put this together. Two extra score lines added either side of the central spine then the floating elements-which I've done in loads of other ways-then decorate the front and

Thanks Dawn. I did buy a couple of things this week but didn't succumb to a cinch although I was tempted because I know I just haven't got the time to get the use out of it.
I used all Craftwork Cards products to make this card except the Ice Stickles for the daisy centres.
Bet you could make a great bloke card using those Tim Holz cog things or just circles stamped with a pattern. Don't use scalloped cards though!
The daisies were a treat from Sue at Craftwork Cards for entering one of the blog competitions. I was surprised when they dropped through my letterbox. There are competitions running throughout the World Cup on the Craftwork Cards blog

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The new chair-by request

OK here it is then. Didn't want to boast but DH took this shot of Princess Betty (Julia is the queen and we are mere accolytes) on her beautiful new throne. Why blue? Why not when it is cheaper in Staples sale?.Some of you may sigh with relief when you see that the room is maybe not quite as organised as my carefully selected viewpoints show. TTFN-am off to resist Dawn Bibby's attempts to sell me something else.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

WOYWW number 10 (well mine anyway)

This is definitely getting easier-mustn't speak too soon. Put the picture I want to appear first on last and Bob's your Uncle. Somehow the perversity of this made it so difficult I had to do a little sketch and write the order number at the side but whatho this morning I just did it!To the desk then. Here you see what I was working on when I left it last night. The new Craftwork Cards Blossom Paper Pack arrived yesterday and I'm determined to use it before I stash it and buy something else. You can see a Perfect Petals template and a sheet of Simply Sayings plus a couple of nestabilities sets I used to cut a handle for the bag in the background. I've now found the perfect spot for my Stampin' Up stamp cleaner. I got it a few weeks ago and it is incredible. Totally worth the investment.
Close up on the bag which is just the ole A5 folded tent ways and a trim off either side. Handle cut with oval nesties-punched and threaded-flower from a CC corsage template. Like this because it is uneven. I shaped the inner flower with a large ball tool which is why a mouse mat upside down is on my desk. Card candy and platinum glitter glue completes the look. There are so many possibilities with this one.
I opened a couple of Really Useful boxes for Spyder. Remember you wanted to see inside the margarine containers? Glitter glues/ embossing powders/flock/liquid pearls/foil it/ wooden beads/tiny googly eyes. Have managed to fit in the new set of ice stickles I got from QVC last week but not upside down which I prefer.
Here we have wire/threads/spirelli.
If you are eagle eyed you may have noticed a large new addition to the room-my fabulous new chair. It's underneath the previous boxes. I have broken two cheap Ikea chairs on my crafting journey so I've invested in a top notch one from Staples. It was in the sale section so I did save a bit! Am expecting great things from this chair-an improved back being high on the list.
That's all for now folks except to say for those of you who haven't a clue what I'm on about get over to Julia's at The Stamping Ground and find out what it's all about. She will welcome you with open arms and so will the rest of the gang.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Eagerly awaiting a new arrival

And it's not crafting goodies.
It's a vacuum cleaner! Don't all groan together. Worried I've lost the plot? Not at all. Who can fit in crafting time when they are exhausted by the battle with a recalcitrant vacuum cleaner? The present incumbent was bought as a cheap stop gap several years ago and I hate it with a vehement passion. Oh yes. The filter blocks all the time and has to be washed. OK not too bad but it refuses to come out for a bath and then refuses to return to base when cleaned. The bagless bit would be great if I could empty it easily-but I can't. Today the replacement arrives and I'm not sure yet if I'm going to keep the old one. You know-keep it upstairs so that there's no carrying up and down. Think the carrying is the easier option,.
How else do I whittle craft time out of my busy schedule-you know-personal appearances, book signings and all the thousand and one things a busy celebrity must do to keep her public happy? (See previous posting for creative writer award)
I'll let you into a secret-I have some willing assistants.
No.1 My lovely DH who helps out with many tasks in spite of his daily struggle with chronic ill health. He is chief ironer but sadly this is getting harder for him and his standards are slipping. His results pass muster with me but do not satisfy his high National Service demands.
No2 The slow cooker. I cook ahead. Cooking is difficult for both of us. FMS memory problems have made it difficult for me to follow a recipe or remember how to do things so even the simple stuff like laying the table for breakfast can be hard and long winded. To beat this I use a lot of packet casserole mixes and make four times the amount we need so that there's three more meals to go in the freezer. The idea is to do this twice a week but what usually happens is an empty freezer and all the cooking in one week. Gordon Ramsey needn't worry 'cos I'm no competition.
No3 Checklists and menus. Yep-wish I'd done this when the kids were little. Always used to rely on the mad trolley dash and having something in the cupboard when mealtimes approached.
We have a scruffy looking checklist we compiled years ago when I was first diagnosed.On Monday we have a planning meeting and decide what we'll be eating during the week then we write a shopping list taking account of what's on the menu. We don't stick to it rigidly but it's a good framework. When stuff is getting low we write it down for next week's list. It's a bit like being at work but it really simplifies things.
Now you know all my secrets.
Here's an ATC I made on Saturday after my crafty buddy Lynne had been for a play. I was showing her different things you can do with distress inks and how to make a distressed paper flower. When she'd gone I didn't want to waste the bits left so I made the above and gave it to Leonie Pujol on Sunday who was demoing at Cardcraft Inspirations in Preston. Think it's the third ATC I've ever made and it was an RAK really. I made a little pizza box
for it to protect the flower which you can see how to make hereHere she is in full flow. She was just as warm and funny as on TV. A lovely chatty Northern lass, full of enthusiasm and energy. For those of you who don't know who she is -she is a presenter on Create and Craft TV but used to work for Dawn Bibby of QVC and first appeared with Dawn on her show. I bought a few bits and pieces. LOL.
Off for a lie down now to prepare myself for a cleaning frenzy. I will then be able to craft with a clear conscience. I wonder what's on the menu for today?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

WOYWW lost count but might be my number9

Today I turned around. After all the outrageous lies the other day I thought it was time to be honest. So I turned around. I couldn't get the top shelf in! The boxes under my laptop contain some of my Christmas stamps -the woodmounted ones-there's fabric waiting to be made into a skirt etc etc.

Swinging to the left is my latest storage beauty which I got a couple of weeks ago. The castors have broken-yes honestly so I'm not going to get replacements although I'm sure I would get them from Storage 4 Crafts as they were very quick to send me a replacement section when the delivery arrived minus the central section. Have been online and found some heavy duty ones-just not ordered them.

You can see my desk now and I'm showing off. Biggest little sis is getting married next year and-like you do- I suggested Save the Date cards. She is not fussy-just said you do them how you like and they'll be great when I asked if she had anything in mind. AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. Not what I like to hear but they're made. On the desk is my sample for my file-a reject. Why? I got carried away and stamped some tiny tags using a new SU set-and got ink on my fingers and -------.
Close up you can see the ink. Thanks to Ikky I could position my little Cuttlebug folder exactly where I wanted it with no lines either. Printed them first and final touch a glamour dust highlight on the little hearts. Spent ages packing them so she will say AAAAhhh when she opens her parcel. Showed them to DH and that's just what he said which is why I love him.
Off to the hospital so he can have a heart monitor fitted for 24hrs. so will hopefully have a toot at your desks when we get back. It's a busy life this retirement.

Amended to add (can you tell that amendments are my latest thing)
:-if you don't understand what I'm on about you can find out more here . Julia will take you through the process gently and you will be hooked.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


You might have noticed that there is a distinct lack of style about this blog. I don't do challenges and I gave up on awards because I was spending so much time sorting out the technical hoo ha that I was wearing myself out.
Regular readers are aware that I have fibromyalgia. I go on about it enough but maybe I haven't made clear that it affects different people in different ways. My memory is seriously affected which means that I have to constantly relearn stuff. It is difficult to do a post without struggling and I write things down to assist myself. Would help if I could read my own writing!
I was blogging to motivate myself to craft but it was the crafting that really mattered so I tried to limit the blogging. Edna if you are reading this you will know what I mean.
I saw this award on Kirsty Wiseman's blog and thought "Now that's an award I wouldn't mind getting."
Julia gave it to me.
All I can say is be careful what you wish for.
This is an award for writing which is being considered for the Nobel Prize for Literature and displays a mature understanding of the problems which beset the modern world-such as where can I buy that stamp I've just seen on somebodies desk at the back of that blurry photograph?
Here are the rules as copied and pasted into a separate document so that I could keep referring to them. I haven't printed them out -I might waste precious ink.
1 Express gratitude to the blogger who gave it to you.
Thank you Julia-you have made my day/ week/ year and saved me from having to do any ironing again(I don't mean ever-just today-sadly). If you don't know who Julia is where on earth have you been for the last year, on a space station or a round the world cruise?( OK Kathy we know after Friday morning that you have been on a round the world cruise and I'm jealous) Get over to The Stamping Ground and go down on your knees now before Julia comes round and makes you tidy your desk.
Hells teeth thought I'd never get back to black text then. (Julia did blue so just had to compete)
2 Display the picture on your blog proudly
Here we go again (and I managed to get the same orange).
Easy Peasy-think I've saved it in about three locations 'cos I couldn't find it after I'd saved it the first time-then discovered I could just copy and paste. Childsplay this. (That comment is for Spyder who thinks I have a tidy organised computer)
3Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you.
4 Tell at least six outrageous lies about yourself and at least one outrageous truth or switch it around and tell at least six outrageous truths and at least one outrageous lie.
Here goes nothing.
1.I get up at half past five every morning full of the joys of spring and clean my house from top to bottom, prepare the evening meal and put in a load of washing before taking my DH breakfast in bed at seven o'clock. I have a shower and apply full make up and varnish my perfect nails, checking that my legs are smooth and hair free before slipping into my stockings and putting on my six inch stillettos. Kim Cattrall gives me her cast offs which fit me perfectly. We met when she was a friend of my cousin who now lives in Canada.
Pick that man up and give him the smelling salts. Then I go online and write my daily posting before turning to my clean, white, pristine desk top and getting out my crafting tools to begin the first of my many cards of the day.

2.Julia and I have been asked by the new coalition government to draft a law which states that every person who is able must produce one craft item a week. Those who are unable to craft must present themselves at their nearest craft class where they will be shown the correct way to cut a piece of paper.

3. I have swum naked in the North Sea from a beach near Bridlington and in the Atlantic from a beach in South West Ireland and in a Scottish Loch.

4.I have been commissioned by Mills and Boon to write a novel which will tell the story of a card maker and scrapbooker who falls in love with a millionaire who promises her he will buy her anything her heart desires if she will only yield to him but she refuses him and goes off with a handsome but penniless motorcyclist who dreams of being a world champion and spends all his money on spare parts.
5Whenever I am asked to make a card for a man I shout "Oh goody goody gumdrops-I love doing man cards-can't get enough of 'em" then I pirouette three times and rush to my craft room where I quickly produce ten fabulous creations -each one different from the last one and worthy of a showcase.

6Since I started making cards about seventeen years ago I have never ever ever bought one.

7This blog posting has only taken me five minutes 'cos I have a certificate in speed tying and used to be a court stenographer.
5Nominate seven creative writers who might be into doing this.
6Post links to the seven blogs you nominate and let the owners of those blogs know.

This is the truth-up to here I was doing ok. Now I'm struggling-thinks-I could give it to Julie Hickey but she is so busy-writing, designing, demonstrating. She even makes her husband cook for her. He does. I could give it to Kirsty Wiseman but she's already got it.
I would like to give it to Spyder if she will forgive me for not collecting the award she once gave me. I love the way she makes me feel I'm in that studio with her. Get over and join her. She might do a little drawing for you. Her husband looks cuddly too. OK I'll keep my hands off-one's enough for me.
My other choice is Sharon aka the sadly missed funky fairy who created the best paper collection for making boys cards I've ever seen-so good that my nephew has persuaded my sister to decorate his bedroom using those colours. She is an incredibly talented crafter who has just taken up making clothes for the lovely Chloe. Her blog overflows with energy.
There are probably loads of you out there who deserve this award and would do it justice but I'm handing over now so over and out.
Can I be excused please Miss Queen Julia?
Just in case you didn't follow my choices are
Amended to add:-
Hope you don't mind me adding you as an afterthought Kath but I was worn out after all that effort at telling the truth. Anyone who doesn't know who Kath is must be living in another dimension-that'd be real life as opposed to crafting heaven then I suppose. Go on Kath -Buddy can help you with any awkward bits.

Friday, 4 June 2010

No more Mr Bloggy today

Have had to call a halt to desk visiting. Is it housework? No. Should I get dressed? Perhaps. Has my brain run out of things to burble on about!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolls on the floor and picks up a donkey that's just lost another hind leg.
My Paula Pascual stamp sets from QVC arrived. If you have never looked at Paula's work check it out here now and see why her stamps are so popular and difficult to get hold of. Behind the simple look of the cards lie some fabulous techniques.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

WOYWW My NUMBER8 and Julia's52 and WOYWWAC

What on earth!!!!! HMMMM. Now Julia I know you said-something for the desk so I put a little ribbon on it and hung it up. LOL But what on earth is it? Ages ago you talked about possibly meeting up at a show-maybe Birmingham. I've never been and it's doubtful I could get there due to the ole circumstances but if by any chance I do get there I'll be wearing this badge.
A shot without the clutter behind. Central portion is made of some shrink plastic that is supposed to go through your printer. I got it to play with but couldn't.......Determination paid off when I realised mine didn't have a shiny side until I peeled off the plastic layer. I printed on a scrap piece of paper and attached my shrink to it with magic tape. The image is mirrored 'cos it's on the back and it has to be lighter so that when it shrinks the colour is ok. The backing is ordinary white shrink plastic. I drew around a nestability frame and punched the holes with an extra large punch. Peel off pens for the lines and writing. Flowers coloured with sakura stardust pens and crayons. Butterfly is an SU punch stamped with an SU flower.
The little flower is a stamp from Make Your Mark in York-you can see it on the shelf in the first picture.
Just in case you would like a glimpse of the desk here we have last night's leftovers. Julia says shopkeeper gal doesn't see the point of chandeliers but a girl can never have too much glamour in life so bring on the diamond tiaras the chandeliers and the black lace. I wish
Lets hear it for Julia on this special day -three cheers hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray,----HIP HIP HOORAY.
If you don't understand what I'm going on about get over to The Stamping Ground and find out. Join in the fun and enjoy it-it's just for fun.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Thinking pink

One day -two posts. Had to try another colour way 'cos I'm loving that stitched patch stamp so:-SU Pink Passion , Pumpkin Pie inks/ K and co papers/Hero Arts ribbon set of stamps and inked cuttlebug folder.
This time I inked the raised portion of the folder so the ink ended up in the hollows then I gently blended the ink onto the white raised part. Finished with SU card from the brights range and some card candy.
Had a thought about that ribbon stamp-could use glossy accents on the dots. Hey ho am stopping now to take a shot of my WOYWWAC. Don't get excited -it's a small thing but mine own. Feel I may have said that before but am not checking back to find out. Short term memory loss is such a pain. Feel I may have said that before but I'm not checking back to find out. Short term memory loss is such a pain.

Kind of Blue number two

OK -I confess I'm a frustrated poet and you might have got the Miles Davis drift if you know anything about jazz. Cutting the waffle and on to the serious stuff you might remember if you read yesterday's blog that I got a second impression from my ink rolled cuttlebug folder and saved the piece. This was even more distressed and I wasn't too bothered about preserving the texture-just the uneven dots and ink-so I cut it with Nestabilities labels one and inked the edge with the adirondack denim again.
Background is another 5op in a Stamp Man sale stamp. Hero Arts wood mounted and originally £5.75. Inked with the brayer and stamped four times-I know the bottom right one is skewiff but I liked it. Motifs have been cut from a K and Co pad. Craftwork cards sentiment mounted on an offset oval punched with the SU punch. That Hero Arts ribbon set again. Craftwork Cards back to basics scalloped card blank.
Remember the swirl and the sentiment. It's all grist to the mill. I know-keep taking the tablets Betty.