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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Just popping by

Thought I'd stick my head around the corner to let you know I'm still ticking along. Could do with winding up a bit at the moment.
Had a bad night last night as DH was restless. His Parkinsons disease causes him to have terrible dreams -talking, laughing, fighting, running (in bed-not out of it) and cycling all seem to feature. Unfortunately none of this mixes with FMS-one poor night and I lose a day-or two or three. Forward one step then back three! We are waiting for a wheelchair for DH so that he can get out a bit without being completely drained. I'm determined to try it although I might not have much strength for the job. You never know until you try do you?
Crafting has taken a back seat for quite a while and the year has flown by with various hospital appointments and meetings with physiotherapists-occupational therapists etc etc. Managing without a car means a lot of time and spare energy is taken up with shopping but at least it gives us spare money-no bad thing.
Still enjoying Pinterest. Lots of love to anyone who pops by. Hope you're all still enjoying crafting. Hugs Betty