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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone. Am going to make an effort to blog again in the New Year. I've got a lot to do though. We are having a stairlift installed in January as DH had a nasty fall going up to his playroom in November. We are swapping rooms so he will be able to reach his with the lift. Trouble is I'm the one who will have to move the STUFF!!!!!!
Should be a doddle.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Can't comment on my own blog now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just tested to see if I could place a comment on my own blog and I can't. It redirects me and tells me to sign out of one and sign in to another but I've tried and tried and I'm just going around in circles. Hours go by and no crafting is done just grunting and tearing of hair. It reminds me of the first time I had a computer (remember good old Windows 95?). While I was threatening to throw it through the window DH would pop his head around the door and say " I'm just going out for a walk" as steam was issuing from my ears.
One of the pleasures of blogging for me was popping into other peoples places and leaving comments and now it's just hassle. Ah me (sighs deeply).
On a more exciting note. Mr UPS called today with a little box. In that box was my preview order from Stampin' Up. Had to prune it somewhat before I sent it and will try to hold back now until the new catalogue is actually published. I'm determined to get something made so that I can post it. Not allowed to show the catty though or the actual products. I do love SU. The matching stamps and punches do make life so easy.
Thanks Julia for your lovely comment. That rosette on the green card is only made with a circle punch and some simple folds. The other flower is a bit more long winded and if I could remember where the instructions were I would post a link. Will try to make time for some very simple instructions.
Off to play for a while now before watching Outnumbered-reminds me of days gone by. My lovely sons never behaved like that did they?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

DH is back to school

Well sort of. He has Parkinson's disease and lately has been getting lots of attention from younger women! They are the lovely health professionals who have been assisting him to adjust to the various changes in his life. Today he is going to a group session for speech therapy with his " Scouse friend". It is a bit ironic that a scouser does speech therapy. For anyone out there-Los Alamos-you know who you are -scousers come from Liverpool-like The Beatles- and normally have a very distinctive accent.
Right up and at 'em-I'm still in bed at the moment but it's porridge for breakfast in this chilly rainy weather and then I'm going to find out when to expect my goodies from Stampin' Up. S'pose some housework is on the cards too . Darn it.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hoo-blinkerty flipping-ray

Just jumped through several hoops and can now do comments again. I've not been away that long but things have changed enough to make it hard work getting back in.

Bursting with fury

What is the matter with me. Full of good intentions I took part in WOYWW and hopped off to visit other blogs but I COULDN'T WORK OUT HOW TO LEAVE ANY COMMENTS ON SOME OF THEM. They seem to have drop down menus on the comment form which don't let you use your blogger profile. I just don't understand what I need to select in order to place my comment. I've spent ages writing comments only to have them disappear into the ether. What on earth does it take? If anyone out there has the answer please let me in on the secret before I explode.


That's a drum roll-just in case you wondered. Yes it's me folks-all fired up on at least one cylinder- and raring to go if I can remember how to do this.

At the moment the way to do layout is defeating me so I'll just have to stick with this.

There was a slight edit of my desk but only to remove an image and a stamp set that I can't show you. Why? Cos it's in the new SU catalogue-out on the first of October.

What's it doing on my desk? Well I went to a training day (afternoon anyway) on Saturday and it's definitely put some fire in my something or other. New catalogue and new hostess benefits. Tons better. Instead of earning sets hostesses earn hostess pounds which can be spent on the hostess only stamp sets or in the catalogue. So that means you can get punches. Yippee!

My desk does look like a set up I know but it's how I left it on Sunday after my lovely downline Yvonne had paid a flying visit to see the catalogue and look at the swaps I got. Can't show you mine because I didn't snap 'em and gave my last one to Yvonne.

Thanks to everyone I swapped with.

Been a bit punchy and floral lately so I've been raiding You Tube for inspiration then sitting watching TV and fiddling. The green card I did pose for you 'cos I thought you might like to see what can be achieved with one circle punch. It's been sprayed with a spray I made from Isopropanol mixed with some water and All Purpose Ink. Spray bottles come from a well known high street chemists add some re-inker and Bob's your uncle. Brad is from stash. Papers are from the current SU catalogue- level one hostess gift and the S is Timeless type alphabet highlighted with crystal effects surrounded by a frame done with two different sized punches-just punch the smallest first. I could have put another circle behind but it detracted too much from the rosette. Oops first long word of the day-better get some breakfast in case I have a funny turn.

Just a minute-the other flower is one of those grungy ones but with a difference (pinched from You Tube somewhere-not my idea). It has been sprayed with a SECRET ingredient. I'll try to get back later to tell you about it. Hugs Betty. I've missed you all so much and wish you just lived round the corner.

JULIA-if you read this-I've been trying for ages to post a comment on your blog but can't make head or tail of how to do it. Something has changed or am I dimmer than ever?


As blogger won't play along and do the link thingy I'll have to tell you it's http://www.stamping-ground.blogspot.com

Sorry but I'm swimming up a treacle waterfall here.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Feeling guilty

Yes I am-feeling guilty that is. Why ?Because Angie left me a comment to say she was checking by to see if I'd done any blogging and it seems several months have gone by since any blogging took place on this site.
So what's been happening then?
I'm still making cards-just not getting the camera out and it's still difficult to blog away in the easy peasy chatty flowy kind of style (yes that's what I was aiming for folks) that I enjoy. There's enough serious in the world-not just mine but everyone else's as well and it's nice to get away from it for a while.
Speaking of which -part of my little lot has gone off to Glastonbury again so try to wish them some sunshine. Can't believe it's that time of year again. Out came the wellies, tents etc etc-not in my home you understand. Honestly the stress was enough just hearing about it. There's a bit of envy involved too. I now know about such strange contraptions as the SHEWEE.
So I think I will leave you to ponder on that (if you're not already in the know). Google it-that's all I can say 'cos I'm not explaining here oooooh nooo.
Hugs to everybody Betty
Hmm well I googled it myself and seems it was on Dragon's Den!! Can't imagine whar the world is coming to. Lord Reith would be turning in his grave. LOL

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Trying to find the words

Dear all, I am determined to do this posting but it is very difficult as I can't find the words.
In January my beautiful niece died suddenly. She was fifteen years old and also pregnant. She was loved and respected by all who knew her and the baby's father, her family, friends and school were standing by her decision to have her baby.
Sadly it was not to be and she collapsed and died totally unexpectedly along with her baby.
Worse still the circumstances of her death became a news item and spread everywhere so that her personal life was commented upon and discussed endlessly on the internet by those who did not know her at all, causing great distress at a time of total shock.
Pictures and information were taken from Face Book pages by the media without permission. This is a warning-you may find yourself in a situation not of your choosing and your personal information could also be taken. Check your settings-young people in particular have so many "friends". If your settings say your pages can be viewed by friends of friends you are at risk. Only accept as friends people you genuinely know and don't allow friends of friends to see personal information or you too could find your albums have been trawled by the media.
She is now at rest along with her baby. We are all trying to get on with our lives but it is very hard.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Betty burbles on

Watch this space
Yes folks I am determined. For all you Stampin' Up! people out there I have achieved my first Stampin' Start objective. Not really sure how I did it because I only joined for the great stamps and the fun and friendship. Jeannette my Stampin' mum doesn't push, she's just there when I need her. Enough of that.
Perhaps you want to know how on earth all that time went by with no blogeration activity.
Don't ask me what with trying to shop with my driver a bit hors de combat and the car blocked in by that white freezy stuff before Christmas-remember or are you like me and can't remember what happened five minutes ago never mind before Christmas. We are in AC now but next month when you all start making those Christmas cards it will be BC 2011. Go on you made a New Year Resolution didn't you that you weren't going to be making them at the last minute ever again.
Anyway I made a NYR to do my blog more often but somehow it's the end of January.
I did get my new glasses and DH got a new pair too as he was so inspired by mine and last weekend I held my first workshop in someone else's house thanks to my little sis who got me the contact and Jeannette who took me over the Pennines to God's Own Country-YORKSHIRE OF COURSE.
Not bad for someone who only joined Stampin'Up! to get the great discount and spend the money saved to redecorate the craft room. Who needs fresh paint and a new carpet when you could have STAMPS AND PUNCHES AND INK AND PAPER AND STAMPIN'WRITE MARKERS AND AND AND. Gives self a mental face slap.
Oh we had a kitchen makeover too-not the full monty but doors fabby sink fabby fabby tap and amazing worktop and dishwasher. When the old one went kaput years ago we decided not to bother with a replacement for just the two of us but lately it's been more difficult to stand at the sink and wash up and the mornings were disappearing rapidly what with recovery time and getting dressed. Anyway it was all done and dusted in two days. The only problem now is where to store the stuff that was in the cupboard where the dishwasher now is.
The worktop is wowee. It's a Granite Transformations worktop and is like a thin skin which fits over the existing worktop. Check out their website. It's cocoa time now so no linkies and no photies but I'll be back asap and that will not be three months. Will put a shot on of my first workshop kit. and some of the samples. All very simple but mine own, except the ones that Jeannette made for me. Thanks again Jeannette for all your help and support.