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Sunday, 22 April 2012


Blast! Just when I'm resolved to have a little blogginess bloomin' blogger has to start playing about with the format. It's hard enough to remember my head. Now where did I put it? Ah yes. Any FMS peeps out there will know what I mean. You begin to think you've got a slender grip on things and then the rug is pulled out from under you. So-Pinterest. This is my latest obsession because my head is full of techniques but the part of my brain that helps me make a card seems to have shut down completely. Pinterest is a way of hanging on to all that stuff you spot while surfing without cluttering up your hard drive and also checking out what everyone else is hanging on to. The magical bit is the way it links to the original blog post thus enabling you to discover talented people all over the world. It's not just for crafters -oh no-but crafters definitely use it. Problem is they don't all write in English! What a nuisance. So I'm raking in the back of my brain to get the O level German out and wishing I'd studied it longer. Flipperty flump, it is 50 years ago. French isn't too bad. I am loving Paulines Papier,(German with fab pictures) but my latest discovery has me stumped completely. Why? IT'S ALL IN SQUIGLY STUFF. Think it's Chinese but it could be Japanese. Very tantalising. My Chinese friend has gone to see her Mum and Dad in China so she can't help. If you would like to look at my board it's here Snag is it's like blogging and eats into your crafting time so tata. (If you are wondering "Wot no paragraph breaks?" I've put them in but blinking blogger has removed them on the preview so suspect there's something I'm missing))