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Friday, 27 November 2009


Why Betty-why are you fed up.
A damnable execrable gremlin got into my hotmail somehow and sent strange e-mails to everyone in my address book. That will be QVC/Create and Craft etc etc plus all the ones I've lost touch with since I first got that e-mail address when Hotmail went live back in the distant past in America and all the ones who haven't let me know their change of address etc. etc. plus the library.
If I banked online -which I don't -I'd probably be on tranquilisers now.
The official view from my very savvy sons was DON'T PANIC.
Most people seemed to sus it out as not being a bit like me.Think it was the mention of the 3G I phone. As my friend Kathy put it " I didn't think you were that posh"-thanks Kathy-a backhanded compliment I believe that's called. Anyway she thought it was strange when the e-mail implied we hadn't seen each other for ages as she just came to see us a few days ago. Oh and her DH installs massive computer systems for a living.
Anyway Barrack Obama (sorry if I spelt it wrong my spelling brain has deserted me these days) got one of these little b*****s . Wonder what he sent to Gordon Brown.
Been granted a clean bill of health but it'll be a long time before I click on any links anywhere even if they do promise a free download of paper.
Ho hum- Cocoa time. Apologies to anyone I haven't rung or e-mailed-grovel grovel.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

And this is later

But these are not weird 'cos I haven't taken the shots yet-just thought you might like to see what I did with the tiny back to basics cards from Craftwork Cards. As you can see I embossed the fronts with an embossing folder. I was so taken with this idea that I did quite a few then couldn't think what to do with them . Here's just some of the results. The dove is another cuttlebug folder. I've only got a couple of these but they create gorgeous results.-think if the mirri and the white were reversed it would be just as good-muggins sat and highlighted every curl with adhesive plus glamour dust but I love them.
Pink card was supposed to be quick. Christmas tree punch again with Pink Passion SU ink an Craftwork Cards snowflake stamps. I made the raised dots with the cropodile by juggling the setting heads until I found the right combination and highlghted with cheap pink glitter glue. Edged the negative bit with the glue and put them back together-would look good raised but I wanted it to post at the cheaper rate.
Here's two for one. You could do this with any letter dies-I just happen to have these stencil ones-they are hellish to reassemble when you cut them but I was pleased with the result. I edged the left hand ones with a silver Krylon pen to get them to stand out. By the way I thought about this one after reading Kath's all that glitters blog the other day-she had a LOVE one done in squares. Should have been simple -no hassle and quick-if you're reading this Pat you'll know what I'm on about.
Now to find out if Craftwork Cards new website is letting me in to the members area yet.
Love the colour coordination idea-saves all the problem of finding and matching products-way to go Sue, Julie and Richie and all the team.

Skewiffy again

Must try harder to load the piccies in the correct order (note to self).
Anyway-first we have the close up. There's a combination of Tim Holz inks-worn lipstick and peeled paint and sprayed with glimmer mist as well as a bit of spritzing with water. Tree as stamped with the green and coloured with stardust pens in gold and dark green then glossy accents added. (This is why I don't add details -I can never remember the product names so I have to go and look for them-don't laugh-it will happen to you eventually) As you can probably see there's a large nestie and I think the little frame is Craftwork Cards. The tree is Woodware. I've just finished it with a little bow and touched the scallops with my Krylon gold leafing pen which is sadly coming to the end of its life.
I keep meaning to try this card in other colour ways but I liked the vintagey feel. Strange as I don't normally do vintage. I stamped it inside with the greeting from the stamp set.
If you're good I'll show you another weird and wonderful Betty card later

Sunday, 22 November 2009


One Christmas card as promised plus my little sis's birthday card. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. She's in London with the family today so I don't think she'll see this before she gets it in the post. I'm sure you can spot my "deliberate error" which is even more noticeable in the photo. If you decide to make one like this make sure you align the design on the paper. I do love the idea of bridging spaces like this. There's no acetate involved. Not my idea but most cards are derivative. If you want inspiration to make cards like this just look on Craftwork Cards website. The single white flowers create the stability whilst the pink scalloped circles are attached to the front with a plain circle attached inside the card. The central sentiment has two black circles sandwiching the edges of the pink scallops with the sentiment on foam tabs. It's very strong and the added single flowers stop it from twisting. Magenta stickles as highlights on the paper and the candy dots. All products are from Craftwork Cards. The promised Christmas card has been done by printing a Pink Petticoat download directly onto a scalloped Back to Basics from Craftwork Cards. Liz at Pink Petticoat suggests using repositionable spray adhesive to do this but I found that I could carefully attach the card to a backing sheet with scotch magic and it worked like a dream. I was left with a piece of printed paper which I could have used for an insert if I'd peeled it apart carefully. It had a lovely reversed scallop border. Next time. It took weeks before I decided to add the little topper which is made from some lovely embossed mirri card/woodware punch/ Stampin' Up punch/glittered candy dots/docrafts star/Nortex Mill ribbon. Cardstock and sentiment came from Craftwork Cards.

I've had that tree punch since I first started making cards (about sixteen years) and this year I've suddenly thought of several ways to use it. By the way I know the little hearts on the printing are upside down but I couldn't work out a way around it-bet there's a function on the printer setting which turns the design through 180. You live and learn. Highlighted everything with glamour dust.
Oh and I've made some homemade pea and ham soup today.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

At last there's more

Hope you weren't holding your breath. I am still here just been away in another universe where knitting/ decorating/ workmen/ housework (you all know the story) got the upper hand. A sackful of complaints have been received from my numerous fans (well my DH has made a comment that I've not been particularly prolific) so I thought I'd better lay my guilty feelings to rest.

Be honest -you were going to say I can't have been making any cards weren't you? Well October is a heavy month for birthdays in this house. There's mine for starters and two nieces one right at the end of September and one two days after mine and altogether there are thirteen on my list including my granddaughter whose card I did actually photograph.

I used Kirsty Wiseman's Patti Picklicious CD -promarkers and lace etc from stash -Bolton Market and Nortex mill to be exact. The pink and black came from a 20p bundle! The orange was a good bit dearer but is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Kirsty-she loved it.

Gotta dash-back with more later including a Christmas card. Blogger just isn't playing with me and I've crashed twice during this post so it's lunch then off out. I just live in a social whirl. ( I wish)