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Friday, 27 November 2009


Why Betty-why are you fed up.
A damnable execrable gremlin got into my hotmail somehow and sent strange e-mails to everyone in my address book. That will be QVC/Create and Craft etc etc plus all the ones I've lost touch with since I first got that e-mail address when Hotmail went live back in the distant past in America and all the ones who haven't let me know their change of address etc. etc. plus the library.
If I banked online -which I don't -I'd probably be on tranquilisers now.
The official view from my very savvy sons was DON'T PANIC.
Most people seemed to sus it out as not being a bit like me.Think it was the mention of the 3G I phone. As my friend Kathy put it " I didn't think you were that posh"-thanks Kathy-a backhanded compliment I believe that's called. Anyway she thought it was strange when the e-mail implied we hadn't seen each other for ages as she just came to see us a few days ago. Oh and her DH installs massive computer systems for a living.
Anyway Barrack Obama (sorry if I spelt it wrong my spelling brain has deserted me these days) got one of these little b*****s . Wonder what he sent to Gordon Brown.
Been granted a clean bill of health but it'll be a long time before I click on any links anywhere even if they do promise a free download of paper.
Ho hum- Cocoa time. Apologies to anyone I haven't rung or e-mailed-grovel grovel.


  1. Dear Betty sorry you had all the hassle with this horrible little mite. One good thing about it we got to have a little chat which was very nice. Thanks you for contacting me but I hope you haven't got too big a phone bill from all the warning calls.
    Love, Pat xx

  2. Luckily my e-mail address book is not that big and I texted quite a few people. Number one son let me e-mailothers after he'd swept for bugs. "All these things are sent to try us" as my dear Mum used to say. I loved our chat too and just wished we lived a little closer!
    Love Betty