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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

At last there's more

Hope you weren't holding your breath. I am still here just been away in another universe where knitting/ decorating/ workmen/ housework (you all know the story) got the upper hand. A sackful of complaints have been received from my numerous fans (well my DH has made a comment that I've not been particularly prolific) so I thought I'd better lay my guilty feelings to rest.

Be honest -you were going to say I can't have been making any cards weren't you? Well October is a heavy month for birthdays in this house. There's mine for starters and two nieces one right at the end of September and one two days after mine and altogether there are thirteen on my list including my granddaughter whose card I did actually photograph.

I used Kirsty Wiseman's Patti Picklicious CD -promarkers and lace etc from stash -Bolton Market and Nortex mill to be exact. The pink and black came from a 20p bundle! The orange was a good bit dearer but is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Kirsty-she loved it.

Gotta dash-back with more later including a Christmas card. Blogger just isn't playing with me and I've crashed twice during this post so it's lunch then off out. I just live in a social whirl. ( I wish)

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  1. Glad to see you are back Betty, I have missed reading your blog.Lots of love Lynne x