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Thursday, 25 November 2010

WOYWW exxcept it's Thursday

If I had a picture it would be a pair of bent and broken glasses.
Yes folks-I have now found out one of the disadvantages of slate floors-they are not falling glasses friendly. Strictly speaking they are falling glasses friendly until the moment when the glasses hit them.
Isn't it amazing how much can go through your head in the instant between the stupid clumsy moment when your flailing hand meets your precious glasses and you know which direction they are heading in and you know they will not survive. My first thought was that it was a good job they were ready to be replaced and my second was that I hoped my old ones were exactly where I thought they were.
You'll be pleased to know I only have to endure the old ones for about a fortnight-afraid it's not an off the shelf job. The last time this happened I got a good telling off from Mum. How I wish she was still around to tell me off but it was well over ***ty years ago! Did you think I was going to reveal my age. BETTY you idiot-your age is on your profile so they know anyway.
Off to make bread without butter pudding for tea or supper if you're a posh southerner or whatever if you live in the rest of the world
WOYWW takes place on Wednesdays-yes Wednesdays not Thursdays-so pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground where you get the opportunity to see real desks with work on .

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The trouble with links

Alright -I know I always jump about in big leaps so I probably didn't make myself clear. Let's start again.
1 I am now an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. Not in a big way you understand but I was buying so much and I love it and I had saved up to decorate my craftroom so instead -what the heck-I decided to give it a go.
2 I have signed an agreement and that agreement although not horrendously rigorous does ask me not to promote other similar businesses even if I have another separate blog so I cannot link to anyone promoting someone else or be on any design team.
3 I can use other products-heck I don't think Shelli will be round to check my stash but I'll make her a coffee and she's welcome to a chinwag if she does-I'd do the same for anyone
4Julia has made it clear she doesn't do it for profit as you know from her blog so I'm safe linking to her.
Now maybe I'm being uber cautious but I don't want to spoil it 'cos I've just started my SU journey. Anyway you're all clever peeps out there and you can work things out for yourselves. Crafters are resourceful people which is why it's such fun to mix with them either on the net or IRL. Thanks for all the offers of help-they have been much appreciated.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


If it's Wednesday it must be..............the time to pop over to Ms Julia Dunnitt's gaff-Stamping Ground and find out what people have been up to. For all that tidying and clearing nothing has changed on my desk-I still work in a heap. I decided to have a go at a fabulous snowflake decoration that is on Kath's blog Now I just haven't got a clue how I stand regarding links so I'll just tell you ti's Kath-allthatglitter.blogspot.com. She is WOYWWing today so if you get to Julia's you'll find her. My snowflake has been made using mainly SU stash. Whisper white cardstock stamped and embossed with serene snowflakes then inked using a dishwashing sponge (haven't tried it but I bet you can do a bit of distressing with the other side LOL) and SU Concord crush and Marina mist inks. I finished off with a spray of irridescent spray and sparkle produced by Crafters Companion. The reverse side I've used same ink colours and a harlequin stamp from stash.
Kath's instructions are so good I couldn't resist having a go.
DH says I've got to do a PS about WOhisww. No pics cos I've other stuff to do today but it's an iMac and it is whizzy and wonderful. He went out with a friend to the Trafford Centre -first time he's ever been -only stop the Apple shop-and they were back in an hour with it. I have been offered his old laptop which is better than mine. Keep rushing into his attic eyrie to have a play but am not getting one.
That's it for now. If you want to take part pop over to Julia's. Nothing commercial and no axe to grind just a good old nosey at what everyone is up to.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

At home with Betty

Let's face it-I'm not gonna be the David Bailey (google him if you're too young to know who he is) of the cardmaking world and no prizes for originality either at the moment. Thanks to Edna of "Another day another card" fame for the idea for the medallion stamp from Stampin' Up. Anyway I've bitten the bullet and just taken my old style "automatic Betty" shots of some of the items I made for my little " At home".

Yes it was exclusive because -well because you've got to start somewhere and I started on Saturday by inviting Emma to join Jeannette and me on one of our crafty play days. No one else could make it but that didn't stop us and we had a great time. I've not had my kit long and I did panic a bit because I just couldn't think of anything to make so I just made what I felt comfortable with -bags-I am the bag lady after all- and a box. There's a few cards too and some Christmas decorations. I don't find those loopy things easy so don't think you'll all be getting them on your pressies.
The SU designer series papers are lovely-double sided, strong with rich colour. I also had to use my favourite of favourites-the jewelry tag punch combined with the tiny tags stamp set. I have a passion for teeny tiny things-think it's the dolls house syndrome.
Jeannette was still bubbling over with conventionitis. If you went and heard some very loud woo hooing it was probably Jeannette. She came loaded with goodies for me. Strictly speaking they were someone else's goodies 'cos she'd picked up the wrong bag so I'll have to wait for the other bits she's stashed away at home. I've now got a collapsible worktop waste bin (beats my scratty plastic bag) a natty bag and a cute stamp with the SU motto -"Love what you do-Share what you love" on it. . She also brought a little easel card for us both to make. It really has to be a big thankyou to Jeannette for helping me as I do have low energy levels-oodles of motivation and ideas but there's very little leccy in the battery.

Just in case you think I have abandoned all my other crafting loves, I haven't, so I've included a card I made for my little sis' birthday using a Craftwork Cards template, foiled papers, Ritzy cardstock and card candy.

In case you wonder why I don't go into a lot of details and fancy stuff just imagine what it is like inside my noddle (that's head by the way). The other day, could have been Friday, I actually couldn't remember the name of the place I was born. It was a surreal conversation. I racked my brains and wished I hadn't opened the subject. It crossed my mind to have a look on Google Earth because I know exactly where it is on the map but felt it might look strange if I rushed from the room and switched on my computer. I knew it began with "C" Oh hecky thump.
DH eventually helped me out of my personal hole. Ah well.
Any questions let me know-just don't expect me to join you when you get a team together to compete on Eggheads (for non UK followers- it's a quiz show).

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Yes -Im still here but have been trying to create a harmonious environment in which crafting can take place. Yes you got it-tidying up and cleaning and clearing out my craft room.All that stash was getting out of hand and hindering the creative process. There's still a good way to go but I've got some room to move and I've managed to clean my home a bit.
Since the beginning of the year when we had a lot of building work done there has been dust alll over.
Enough of that-you don't want to hear about it.
What else has happened crafting wise Betty? I hear you cry.
Well the new Stampin' Up catalogue came out and I fell in love.
Yes I fell in love with the new colours, the new products, especially the punches, and the new catalogue layout. I've been and gone and done it! I decided to become a demonstrator. This does have implications for my blog as I can no longer provide links to my other favourite places so I've got to sort that out. I don't really know how it will work out.
DH and I are not in tip top showroom condition healthwise but for a couple of old bangers we still chug along. The car metaphor probably crept in because we are going to have to give ours up-sooner rather than later-as I don't drive and DH's condition means driving is getting more difficult for him although the doc says he's ok as yet. What I think I'm trying to say is this is not a career move for me and I won't be rushing about doing demos and workshops but I'll just take it as it comes. Will try to post some pics ASAP. Did a photography workshop with Kirsty Wiseman that was really good fun but since then I've just not had the energy and time to follow through with it and am more self conscious than ever about the quality of my images.
Ho hum-am off to smooth olive oil on my skin-I'm experiencing a massive excema attack at present- nothing else is helping (not even what the doc prescribed) and it is all I can trust. Hope I don't smell like a chippy.