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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Yes -Im still here but have been trying to create a harmonious environment in which crafting can take place. Yes you got it-tidying up and cleaning and clearing out my craft room.All that stash was getting out of hand and hindering the creative process. There's still a good way to go but I've got some room to move and I've managed to clean my home a bit.
Since the beginning of the year when we had a lot of building work done there has been dust alll over.
Enough of that-you don't want to hear about it.
What else has happened crafting wise Betty? I hear you cry.
Well the new Stampin' Up catalogue came out and I fell in love.
Yes I fell in love with the new colours, the new products, especially the punches, and the new catalogue layout. I've been and gone and done it! I decided to become a demonstrator. This does have implications for my blog as I can no longer provide links to my other favourite places so I've got to sort that out. I don't really know how it will work out.
DH and I are not in tip top showroom condition healthwise but for a couple of old bangers we still chug along. The car metaphor probably crept in because we are going to have to give ours up-sooner rather than later-as I don't drive and DH's condition means driving is getting more difficult for him although the doc says he's ok as yet. What I think I'm trying to say is this is not a career move for me and I won't be rushing about doing demos and workshops but I'll just take it as it comes. Will try to post some pics ASAP. Did a photography workshop with Kirsty Wiseman that was really good fun but since then I've just not had the energy and time to follow through with it and am more self conscious than ever about the quality of my images.
Ho hum-am off to smooth olive oil on my skin-I'm experiencing a massive excema attack at present- nothing else is helping (not even what the doc prescribed) and it is all I can trust. Hope I don't smell like a chippy.


  1. Nice to hear from you Betty - you must post some pics of your new 'organised' crafting space. Good Luck with the Stampin' Up!

    Love Lynda xxx

  2. Hi Betty, glad all's well, happy to see you back. Congrats on becoming a SU demonstrator, good for you! Do you have to change your blog? Surely you could start a new dedicated blog for SU products, just a thought:0)
    Looking forward to seeing all your new creations in your nice tidy crafting space:0) xx

  3. Nice to read your blog again ...had a giggle at the title ...thanks for dropping by mine.

    My son suffers mildly with excema ...only mildly because I worked out when he was 2, that it was agrivated by eggs. He still suffers if stressed and if he has lots of home baking ...processed eggs dont affect him now??? but the arguments with the heath proffesionals were endless ... I was labeled a difficult mum.lol as a result, as at the time they said it wasn't excema and eggs had nothing to do with it. I now always say to those who have a flare up ...what have you binged on or eaten differently ...sometimes we strike lucky. ....sorry, I went on a bit xx

  4. now of course if your want to throw it all away, I have a very big bottomless bin, I'll let you borrow and I'll take it away free of charge!
    Happy Days!

  5. Hi there Betty, lovely to see you back in blogland. Pleased to hear you and hubby are keeping OK. Hope your SU demonstrating goes well. Are you clearing out your craft space or making room if you know what I mean!!xx

  6. Thro-Thro- does that word exist for a crafter?!
    hope you get your skin sorted and good luck with the demo work xxx

  7. Glad to see you back Betty, have missed you, take care, big hug , Lynne