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Thursday, 25 November 2010

WOYWW exxcept it's Thursday

If I had a picture it would be a pair of bent and broken glasses.
Yes folks-I have now found out one of the disadvantages of slate floors-they are not falling glasses friendly. Strictly speaking they are falling glasses friendly until the moment when the glasses hit them.
Isn't it amazing how much can go through your head in the instant between the stupid clumsy moment when your flailing hand meets your precious glasses and you know which direction they are heading in and you know they will not survive. My first thought was that it was a good job they were ready to be replaced and my second was that I hoped my old ones were exactly where I thought they were.
You'll be pleased to know I only have to endure the old ones for about a fortnight-afraid it's not an off the shelf job. The last time this happened I got a good telling off from Mum. How I wish she was still around to tell me off but it was well over ***ty years ago! Did you think I was going to reveal my age. BETTY you idiot-your age is on your profile so they know anyway.
Off to make bread without butter pudding for tea or supper if you're a posh southerner or whatever if you live in the rest of the world
WOYWW takes place on Wednesdays-yes Wednesdays not Thursdays-so pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground where you get the opportunity to see real desks with work on .


  1. Hi Betty, shame about the glasses, sounds expensive too, Oh dear:{ Thank heavens you have a spare pair.
    Hope you're all warm and cosy on this very cold night? My mouse hand's freezing, I have to pause every now and then to warm it up :0) xx

  2. Ooer broken glasses. I would be seriously disabled now without my glasses....scarey thought eh? Hope you get your replacements asap....expensive purchase at this time of year.
    A x

  3. Oooh Betty hope you've sorted the glasses out for next Saturday and yes I'm going to the Yuletide Fun day all being well. Hope the weather improves!!!

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. Hi Betty
    just popped by to wish you and yours a happy christmas and wishing you all a great 2011.
    Looking forward to more of your postings xxx

  5. Hi Betty
    just popped by to wish you and yours a happy Christmas and a great 2011.
    Looking forward to more of your entertaining burblings xxx

  6. You should have your new specs by now Betty so I hope you take good care of them. LOL

    Just a quick line to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

    Edna x