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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bit pear shaped here

And that's not just my figure. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody. You've maybe realised by now that things are bit skewiffy here but we're slowly getting back on an even keel now and I'm hoping to share some of the happenings with you although it will all be old hat by then. Sadly I didn't get to send most of the lovely cards I'd been making over the last few months but I managed to make some emergency cards last Monday and print some slips to go with them thanks to hints and downloads from some great crafty places including Pink Petticoat, Spyders Corner and Crafty Blogocks.
Have learnt so much over the past year from blog hopping and looking forward to learning more. The best thing about cardmaking is there's always something new to learn however long you've been doing it and I've been doing it for 16 years now. There's always something to pass on as well. Got a card from my very first friend this Christmas. We were reunited recently and she decided to have a go at cardmaking for the first time. I'm always thrilled when I pass it on to someone else.
Pictures to follow if I summon up the energy. Love Betty


  1. Fantastic to hear from you Betty! Still full of tooo much Christmas spirit but !!!!((we've had to clear out my craft room and turn it back into a bedroom, so we could use our bed room as a dining room (!!!)Hopefully, we'll be back to normal very soon ...well, my idea of normal! Thank you for all your wonderful comments over the last months while I've been blogging. Hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays and best wishes for the New Year 2010


  2. Hi Brenda, do hope you've had a good Christmas regardless of all the agro that you've had lately.
    Thank you so much for the cute little card and note.
    It's our 40th Anniversary today and we've been out stuffing our faces again with the family. It was really lovely.
    Well do hope you have a good 2010
    Love, Pat xx

  3. Hi Betty....you sound as though you had the perfect christmas and hey don't apologise about the spoof e-mails...there were lots of them going the rounds again....these folks need to get a life....look forward to seeing lots more fabbie cards from you in 2010....big hugs kath xxxxx