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Monday, 28 December 2009


That's just what I did with my little sis. We went on a Craftwork Cards Christmas do at the Village Hotel Leeds. Little sis only lives a few miles from there but we stayed overnight as a treat. Would like to mention everyone we met but my lousy memory has failed me again. I do remember that Sue and Julie made us work hard for our dinner and I came away with several lovely projects, all unfinished because I'm such a slowcoach.
As for the other pics- well we are having a wetroom installed at the moment and just thought I would share with you our ONLY bathroom. Yes we are washing in the kitchen sink and the novelty has worn off now. Christmas has been spent watching plaster dry -a lot slower than watching paint dry. The rest of the house is in a challenging condition if you happen to be Kim and Aggie but as for me I wish Santa had brought a magic wand.
DH was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease just before Christmas and the doc is juggling his other medication.
What about the Christmas cake? That's a pressie from some friends. Had to take a piccie before we cut into it. Wonder how long his face will last.
Oh we have also given up our static caravan so I've the contents of a small home piled in my lovely dining room. Can't remember the last time it was actually used as a dining room. Scope for a number of New Year Resolutions here.


  1. Hi Betty glad to hear you had a good time with your sister at the Craftwork Cards do. The cake looks too good to eat but I don't suppose that stopped you, yum yum.
    So thats what we can expect when our new wet room gets started hopefully next month! Fortunately we have a second bathroom which is great for me but not too good for John as he can't get upstairs in the wheelchair! You'll be all cleared up when our mess starts.
    Happy New Year to you both and hope things take a turn for the bette for you.
    Love, Pat xx

  2. Hi Betty, it was so nice to meet you at last at the Christmas 'do' Wasn't it a fantastic day? I do sympathise with your bathroom situation it can't be pleasant at the moment but will be totally worth it when it's finished. Hope to see you again sometime. Happy New Year to you.

    Love Lynda xxx

  3. Hi Betty, I am so jealous of your craftwork cards day, it sounds the greatest fun, happy new year hun,
    big hugs
    En xx

  4. Hi Betty, how are you doing? busy I see! Some really good medication for Parkinsons is available now, I believe, though I was sorry to hear of your dh's diagnosis. I have a blog of sorts now and when you get time if you poke through it you will find a pic of Bren and her liquorice allsorts necklace LOL (www. carrieandthebreakaways. blogspot. com - minus the spaces of course)

  5. Hi Betty Hope all is well, not seen any of your creations for a while. Hope your DH is doing ok on his new medication. Take card.

    Kaye x