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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hoo-blinkerty flipping-ray

Just jumped through several hoops and can now do comments again. I've not been away that long but things have changed enough to make it hard work getting back in.


  1. Glad you can comment again thanks for the lovely message my ight still remains the same .just awaitng game to see if it returns.didnt realise lost site as left eye compensated for it.Only when i went to drs about my pain around my eye did we find out then straight to eye clinic and all went from there.Im doing ok i have fibro and CFS alos and have more issues with my CFS/ME at the moment.Hope your friends ok?
    love n hugs judex

  2. Google is giving me trouble leaving comments too. What a pain! Your yellow flower on your card is beautiful! Love your cards.