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Thursday, 17 June 2010

The new chair-by request

OK here it is then. Didn't want to boast but DH took this shot of Princess Betty (Julia is the queen and we are mere accolytes) on her beautiful new throne. Why blue? Why not when it is cheaper in Staples sale?.Some of you may sigh with relief when you see that the room is maybe not quite as organised as my carefully selected viewpoints show. TTFN-am off to resist Dawn Bibby's attempts to sell me something else.


  1. Hi there Betty, well did you manage to resist? I did sort of, couldn't help notice that lovely big cinch, yes, I know it was lots of pennies but it is over 3 months, eek, I've done it again!
    Seriously though, your workspace looks great and I'm still impressed by the organisation:)

  2. Thanks for showing us your very plush looking chair Betty. Bet you didn't put up much of a fight resisting Dawn, just how much did you spend?

  3. LOL Betty. That's what I call a chair!
    I hope you have many happy hours on your blue throne.

    Edna x

  4. You really ARE organized ....and I LOVE that chair ...I oh so need a new one ...you should see mine but while I can sit on it there are many things higher up the 'need tree'.XX
    Ps ...
    Thanks for your friendly concern ... it meant a great deal ..huggs xx

  5. I like a space with everything that's most used close to hand. I feel at home in your space!

  6. I really like your space, a proper place to create!