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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Eagerly awaiting a new arrival

And it's not crafting goodies.
It's a vacuum cleaner! Don't all groan together. Worried I've lost the plot? Not at all. Who can fit in crafting time when they are exhausted by the battle with a recalcitrant vacuum cleaner? The present incumbent was bought as a cheap stop gap several years ago and I hate it with a vehement passion. Oh yes. The filter blocks all the time and has to be washed. OK not too bad but it refuses to come out for a bath and then refuses to return to base when cleaned. The bagless bit would be great if I could empty it easily-but I can't. Today the replacement arrives and I'm not sure yet if I'm going to keep the old one. You know-keep it upstairs so that there's no carrying up and down. Think the carrying is the easier option,.
How else do I whittle craft time out of my busy schedule-you know-personal appearances, book signings and all the thousand and one things a busy celebrity must do to keep her public happy? (See previous posting for creative writer award)
I'll let you into a secret-I have some willing assistants.
No.1 My lovely DH who helps out with many tasks in spite of his daily struggle with chronic ill health. He is chief ironer but sadly this is getting harder for him and his standards are slipping. His results pass muster with me but do not satisfy his high National Service demands.
No2 The slow cooker. I cook ahead. Cooking is difficult for both of us. FMS memory problems have made it difficult for me to follow a recipe or remember how to do things so even the simple stuff like laying the table for breakfast can be hard and long winded. To beat this I use a lot of packet casserole mixes and make four times the amount we need so that there's three more meals to go in the freezer. The idea is to do this twice a week but what usually happens is an empty freezer and all the cooking in one week. Gordon Ramsey needn't worry 'cos I'm no competition.
No3 Checklists and menus. Yep-wish I'd done this when the kids were little. Always used to rely on the mad trolley dash and having something in the cupboard when mealtimes approached.
We have a scruffy looking checklist we compiled years ago when I was first diagnosed.On Monday we have a planning meeting and decide what we'll be eating during the week then we write a shopping list taking account of what's on the menu. We don't stick to it rigidly but it's a good framework. When stuff is getting low we write it down for next week's list. It's a bit like being at work but it really simplifies things.
Now you know all my secrets.
Here's an ATC I made on Saturday after my crafty buddy Lynne had been for a play. I was showing her different things you can do with distress inks and how to make a distressed paper flower. When she'd gone I didn't want to waste the bits left so I made the above and gave it to Leonie Pujol on Sunday who was demoing at Cardcraft Inspirations in Preston. Think it's the third ATC I've ever made and it was an RAK really. I made a little pizza box
for it to protect the flower which you can see how to make hereHere she is in full flow. She was just as warm and funny as on TV. A lovely chatty Northern lass, full of enthusiasm and energy. For those of you who don't know who she is -she is a presenter on Create and Craft TV but used to work for Dawn Bibby of QVC and first appeared with Dawn on her show. I bought a few bits and pieces. LOL.
Off for a lie down now to prepare myself for a cleaning frenzy. I will then be able to craft with a clear conscience. I wonder what's on the menu for today?

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