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Monday, 1 July 2013

The sleeper wakes-or Sleeping Beauty (LOL)

Yes I took a picture that I wanted to post on here but it's so long since I blogged that I can't find my camera lead and it's late and I'm cross with myself and my fuzzy noddle. Anyway I'll tell you all about it.
Tomorrow is new catalogue launch day and us demos have had access to some goodies for a month to play with and I've had a play with the great Simply pressed clay.
Since Friday I've made little flowers and buttons in the lovely silicone moulds and it's so easy. Well the buttons were a bit harder but I found some tips on You Tube and all I need to do now is make some cards to go with them.
That's what I love about Stampin' Up, if you have a problem you can bet someone else will have found the answer. It gives me the confidence to have a go. Years ago I tried with paper clay but my results were rubbish now I'm just itching to play with the stuff. I've coloured it with reinkers before I used it and I've coloured it after it's dried as well by painting with a waterbrush and ink from an ink pad. I've painted crystal effects over to give a shiny finish and I've dipped it in dazzling diamonds before it dried. Will have to buy a new lead and make an effort. Think the sunshine is giving me a boost of energy. Early to bed early to rise makes a girl ready to get an order in as soon as the website is up and running for the new catalogue.
 Oh yes she's got it bad folks but it ain't half good.
And it's tomorrow now and I've uploaded the photo by putting the SD card in the side of my laptop 'cos I forgot something yesterday-I use my DH's old laptop now which is more whizzy than mine-so feast your eyes on these little goodies. TTFN

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