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Friday, 16 March 2012


When I went to a training session with Julie I filled in one of those little slips she gives us where we have to say what we are going to do etc etc-you know the sort of thing. Now when I was working I detested those blessed things plus feedback feedback blah blah blah and thought Iwas done with them -after all I'm a sick woman and a sick RETIRED woman. I am only doing this for a hobby but Julie is so lovely and so enthusiastic and she devises such a fun time for us all and everyone else looks as though they are filling them in so what's a girl (girl -who am I kidding!) to do. So I filled it in -in January-but only in pencil so does it count?
What was it I put -in JANUARY?
I quote -from a very poor memory-"I will try to blog more"
Now Julie I know you are very busy devising even more treats but if you are reading this 'cos you did sign up to follow my blog aeons ago get up off the floor where you are probably rolling with shock that I'm making some kind of bloggy effort. No pictures yet but I could surprise you all as Yvonne has awarded me something or other and she is my downline. She has the misguided idea that I inspire her -crumbs she inspires me-just don't know how she fits in what she does fit into her day. She is full of energy. So I'm making an effort for Yvonne and Julie and all my other bloggy crafty friends out there and I promise that there is more to come-just don't hold your breath as I wouldn't like to be responsible.
Hugs Betty