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Friday, 11 September 2009


Yes I am still here.

Bet you thought I'd shuffled off the ole mortal whatsit-you know-kicked the bucket-pegged it or just done a runner with the milkman-well the skimmed milk in a carton from Morrison's man anyway. Just a minute that's my DH and I've got him right here anyway. He keeps muttering about me not looking after my followers properly so I am making an effort while he has actually legged it to the caravan for a fish supper away from my accusing eyes and an amble in the countryside while I deal with the decorator and play with all my crafty goodies.

Seems a long time since Glaramara and my wet felting course. Had a fab time and been chock full of energy since I came back. Met some amazing crafters-all as mad about crafting as me or in some cases even more. You know who you are!

Since then I've cleared out the wardrobe and the bedroom is getting a makeover. There has been much cooking, cleaning and crafting and no time for computers.

I learnt a new term while I was away. Apparently people who dabble in everything like me are "cross crafters" according to Carrie (see comments on previous post) and I'm certainly living up to it.

Last friday I went to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show in Manchester and bought Noro yarn as I've only just discovered it. It's reawakened my passion for knitting. Since then I've knitted three pairs of gloves and I daren't show them to anyone else at the moment 'cos everyone who's seen them makes sheeps eyes at me and asks for a pair. I have become a one woman glove factory. The yarn is called silk garden sock yarn. It's got silk, kid mohair and lambswool plus nylon for wearing quality and comes in glorious colours.

What else did I get? Weeell----------a new sewing machine!

At the moment I'm staying calm but the first one delivered fell through the bottom of the box as it was lifted off the delivery van. The second one came this morning and I've been playing with it for the rest of today but it is now refusing to sew and the technician is coming to look at it on Monday. I am telling myself these are teething problems but remembering my lovely treadle machine -given away years ago-and hoping it'll all sort itself out before I have actually shuffled off this etc (see above).

Wot no photos Betty? My patience has worn a little teensy weensy thin and I'm not sure I can keep up this post before I just have to go and knit another glove to stop myself thinking a bout that bally sewing machine! Wouldn't care but I've got a pair of curtains to make for the bedroom with a 98 inch drop and two widths in each curtain. Still don't really need them until the new carpet's down eh?
Actcherly I lied. I decided to stick some piccies on. The first is Glaramara-the place I stayed in and the strange bits and bobs are some of the jewellery I made. There was loads of amazing stuff done by all the other course participants-enough to fill an art gallery-and I've got hundreds of shots but I think blogger would die if I tried to post much more and I would die of starvation before I sorted it out so off to the kitchen then back to the gloves.
Lotta love Betty -esp to Carrie who I met on the course. How's the patchwork Carrie and have you managed to do any more felting since you got home or have you just been bashing drums? (More later. I've got to keep you all guessing)


  1. Betty so good to see you are back and have had a wonderful time while you were away. The place you stayed looks so quaint and the jewellery looks fab. Hope the sewing machine is sorted soon.

    Kaye x

  2. Glad you're back, Betty :)

    Yes to everything - lots of quilting, although only one finished (baby quilt); Bren and I have started making felt once a week and enlisted a fellow band member as well and we have had some great gigs. Utube is down atm but type in Batala Portsmouth @ Love Albert Road Day and there is a snip of us. Very wide front line so I am mostly off camera but you can see Bren and get a taste of the sound.

  3. oh well typed a comment and lost it somewhere. Glad you're OK and busy, Betty :)

    Yes, lots of quiltmaking but only one baby finished and given; Bren and I have gone back to making felt once a week and enlisted a fellow band member as well and we have had some stonking gigs. this one was last weekend - a wide line so most of the time I'm off camera but you get a good view of Bren - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOv4BoYWquo or type in Batala Portsmouth @ Love Albert Road Day. xx