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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tip as promised

Have had problems getting this done as I just faff about all the time but I wanted to share with you a card format which I used a lot last Christmas. It's very simple to make but gives you a whole new world of decorating possibilities. I discovered it on my own but I'm sure someone else has thought of it before. I called it an offset gatefold and it fits in a C6 envelope. I can't work out how to add enough images to illustrate so will try to describe it and add some samples. Here goes

A4 card-using landscape place against folding board and score on A5 gatefold line.

Turn through 180 degrees ie work on the opposite side

Score on half fold A5 line

Fold score lines in.(if you have a bit of overlap just trim)

Now you can use it in this format or cut it in half on the A6 line.

SIMPLES but with endless possibilities which I have barely explored.

If you make some let me know please . A bit like a challenge really but I don't do them cos I just can't work out how to do the linky thing and plenty more besides.


  1. Betty this is beautiful, a very versatile card base, I love gatefold cards but this is just that little bit different.

    Kaye x

  2. Well done Betty, very well explained and very versatile card. I will let you know when I've tried it out.
    Love, Pat xx