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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Crafty philosophy

Or Wednesday wandering-or make up your own title.
A while ago Jeannette (my lovely SU supplier) said she'd been having a discussion about what was the most important equipment for a beginner and asked me what my thoughts were. I've been pondering ever since and I've got a long list but here's a few for you to think about and they are FREE.

  1. The eyes in your head. Use them to look around you. There are shop displays, bought cards, this seasons colours, mother nature, craft stores, visits to craft shows-add some more here.........
  2. The tongue in your head. This has served me very well and probably driven some people mad. How many times have you been at a craftshow and seen someone demonstrating and walked away without really understanding what they are doing. They are selling something and they'll be only too happy to answer your questions. As for craft shops-if they can't take the trouble to answer your query-don't shop there again-find someone with the patience to help you. I've not been able to get to The Stampman recently but they have helped me a great deal.
  3. The internet. This is a no brainer and the reason I decided to put this post on today . If you're reading this you have internet access and most likely broadband so use it not just for blog hopping but for searching out and watching craft videos. My absolute favourite is the Hot off the Press one at paperwishes.com. I think you have to sign up to their newsletter but it is worth it because you then get notification of their webisodes which are usually weekly but occasionally they do a week of webisodes like this week. There are some great ideas and even if you don't buy their products you will love these ideas. My other favourite is the one from Crafts Beautiful (which includes Make Jewellery Magazine) which I catch up on fairly often. These are hosted by You Tube and as well as advertising the issues of the magazine they also have little technique spots. I've just been viewing one on making wrapped beads. I made a couple then I had a card to make so I went with the flow and used wire on the card.

There you have it for now. I'm just going to have a go at some of the ideas I spotted on the webisodes. Tomorrow I'll put some cards on if I get time. We are going out on the bus passes. Probably to Gallery Oldham which has a couple of exhibitions on we've been meaning to get round to seeing. Never know, I might pick up some inspiration.

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