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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Following on from last week's housework

There was a positive result from last weeks housework. DH said he didn't mind if I got rid of a bunch of unreal (can't think what else they are called) flowers from the bedroom that I've been trying to dispose of for ages. Just before they went in the bin I remembered the great results my buddy Lynne got from something similar and had a closer look at them. Out came the Stanley knife and wallop -the bunch was deceased. I cleaned them with a damp cloth and tried to starch them with spray starch to stiffen them a bit but they have a sort of coating which also resists attempts to colour them with inks (some are white). This is what I've come up with so far. I've tickled the insides as well after seeing the beautiful cards Edna makes. Can't promise to do it every time but it does cut down on the need for inserts.
I supported this one at the back and it's on a Papermania scalloped card. £2.99 for 12 at Boundary Mill and I buy clothes there as well! Don't always go round in rags. I'm tempted when it's a toss up between craft goodies and fashion. The paper is from one of those colossal papermania packs. You know oodles for tuppence and then you don't know what to do with the umpteen sheets left over.

Last a more orangey one. The glitter in the middle is Tiara stickles. Yes I know I said yesterday that I used Tiara on that other card but it was Sequin. I'm not a reliable witness.

Just to be clear, apart from the contribution from Mr. Morrison (ie the flowers) -that's the bloke who sold a TWENTYFIVE MILLION POUNDS lottery ticket to somebody not too far from me in the supermarket DH does the shopping in every week- and the papermania products, all the rest is Craftwork Cards and nesties and swiss dots folder and Anita's acrylic paint.
I've still got a shoe box full of flowers from an ancient bunch that was on it's way to the dustbin.
DH doesn't like flowers with holes in 'cos they're not real. Somebody tell him. It's all in the imagination darling.


  1. Your Flower cards look fab Betty. I'll give you a call next week to arrange another day.

  2. These are really lovely cards! Love the 'heart' leaves too!


  3. Love what you've done with the flowers and the cards are gorgeous. You've mentioned getting cards and paint from Boundary Mill so does your one have a craft department? If you say yes I shall sulk because ours doesn't.

  4. These are great Betty. Love the papers you have used as well.
    BTW I've posted another pic of Rosie to give you a better idea of her size. She's a toy!

  5. Love these cards and I'm all for any recycling that can be used in crafts. Especially love the idea you've shown for inside the card. Hadn't occured to me and has got my creative juices going. Thx for sharing :)


  6. Thanks for the lovely comment you left me, I love to get them! My Dad always says let some air get to your feet and there's nobody worse than me for going barefoot I suppose that could explain a thing or two! Thanks again Pxx

  7. Betty, your cards are lovely, and your blog is a breath of fresh air, I love the way you write, so entertaining.
    En xx