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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Naughty Naughty slappy handy

Who'se been a naughty girl then and not posted for ages? I've been doing some crafty things though and today I've been having a grumpy old woman day as well but I was cheered up by a little boy and made to realise I should chill a bit.

What's the story then?

First a crafting update

Last Saturday three of us had a crafty day. Jeanette brought my Stampin' Up order and little sis came over from Leeds so all three of us played all day. Jeanette brought quite a lot of her stamps and I stamped some images before she left as well as using one of the sentiment stamps to create a card which was promptly snaffled by little sis for a letter to Allison so if she's reading this and she hasn't got one yet.........

I did manage another card with one of the images yesterday and also fitted in a visit to one of my favourite haunts just around the corner from where I live. It's an Aladin's cave for crafters and browsers known as Nortex Mill. I try not to go too often as I can always find something to buy even if it's only rooted out of the 10p a metre ribbon bin -a massive tangle of all sorts of rubbish mixed with stuff you know you can find a use for. Measure it off against the side of the bin (roughly a metre) and snip it with the scissors attached to the side. Sort of economical , except.....3 metres of this and 3 metres of that..... before long it's a fiver......get home and then you have to find somewhere to put it where you''ll find it. It's the most fun I can have with a fiver.

Did this card when I got back. Stampin' Up wheel rolled on lime pastel chalk ink, Stampin' Up teddy chalked with pearlescent chalks and highlighted with glitter glue. Base card is paper mill shop and pink is craftwork cards softies. The tiny roses and lace are from Nortex Mill which is personal shoppers only and the sentiment is an Inca stamp I've had since back in the day. I know the wheel has missed in places but I quite liked the soft effect that created so decided not to scrap it.

Here's a pic of some of the goodies I brought back from the mill. Got plenty of those roses to go at

Just in case you're wondering-none of these were from the 10p a metre bin- more's the pity.

I did say I would tell you why I've been grumpy old woman today.......

well..... litter is one of my bugbears. I live in an area of large Edwardian houses which if they were in a posh area of London would make me a millionaire but they're not and there's not much garden either (which suits DH). Unfortunately although I do have some amazing neighbours who've lived round here for years I also have bedsit dwellers who come and go anonymously and don't care about the general environment because- well because. They have their reasons which sadly are in some cases drug and alcohol related. Twenty odd years ago when I first came to live around here I was friendly and outgoing with quite a few of the bedsit community but now I'm much more wary. Anyway-litter. It's the dustbins you see. If people don't take care they don't get emptied then black bags get dumped in the street which get dragged about by dogs, cats, pigeons and probably dossers looking for food. It spirals and litter gets blown all over the street. This week I cleared a lot and put it in my bin, tidied up someone elses bins etc etc.

Todays blog will grow and grow and a request has been made for fooooood so you'll have to wait for the next installment. Byeee

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  1. Hi Betty, your cards look fab, your friendship card looks so much better IRL. Had loads of fun on Saturday and I can't wait for the next one.