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Saturday, 6 June 2009

One more thing

If you read my blog the other day you would know I was having a bit of a grumpy day and muttered about "dossers" around here. An interested party (my DH) has asked me to point out that dossers are actually people who live and sleep on the street and he has never come across any around here. Suppose that's because he's worried that my mutterings might affect the value of our house! If you're reading this sweetie pie tee hee hee, I know we won't be moving any time in the near future if you have anything to do with it.


  1. Hi Betty! Thank you for your email, it was lovely to hear from you and I will answer it soon! If you type your name Betty , into the blog search in the top left hand corner of my blog, it will take you to where I posted the awards 5th May..and then scroll down slowly until you see your name (highlighted) that's where your award is! Hope you're well, or feeling better! ((hugs))


  2. Hi Betty,
    he might be right, but dossers is such a wonderfully all-encompasing sort of word isn't it. It's the sort of word that could be a swear word but isn't, so you carry on my lovely, call everyone a dosser!!
    En x