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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Today's haul

And here we have it, managed to get the inside on before the outside but what the heck? Found some more kraft type card in my fabled stash today and it's even better than the last lot. When I was diagnosed eight years ago or thereabouts I was so ill I could barely stay awake or walk or think-get the drift-DH said if you can't make cards why don't you go in your craft room and sort out your card. Eight years on I'm still glad it's what I did because I separated all the A4 into poly bags and labeled them with colour and sometimes added a comment like "lovely" or "thin" then I put them in order of colours of the rainbow plus neutrals. Every time I use any I put the bits back in the bags so that I don't always need to use a full sheet. Mind you, can't say the additions since then have been fitted in as well as they should be. Back to today. Now you know I've been a bit framey lately and I've been painting them with acrylic (79p at Boundary mill). Why not round ones? So I did, with my nesties, which I embossed with swiss dots folder. Then I remembered some thin mirri card my little sis gave me. I was going to mount it on card but oh wowee it's fab for punching with enough stiffness for some body. That lovely foiled paper is Craftwork Cards. It's so lush you don't need much.

Had a break and watched a bit of Dawny today. She was selling some nice cream and white embellies. There were little dresses and flowers so I hiked out a (you know what's coming next) -Craftwork Cards template from yonks ago and some more of those lovely foiled papers. The template is only a pound- that's a pound- in the sale and postage is £1.95 so it would still be less than I paid for it. The brads came from Arty Miss in their sale. They're making memories brads that I've fancied for ages but thought they were just too dear. Got 'em for 99p -and a few other bits 'n' pieces. Punched the little gold flowers out of a teeny weeny bit of the foiled paper I had left over.
Aha -the glitter glue I used on the pink thingummy jig is Tiara stickles. Was lucky enough to find an envelope in my envelope drawer (will post a piccy one day) that fitted that dress card but can't make any more unless I get -or make- some more envelopes. Tara folks.

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  1. I'm going to have to make some of these cards 'with a hole'!! It's just soooo simple but sooo clever too!

    ((Have a good end))


    Ps, I though I was following...but it looks like I've disappeared...(I keep doing that!)...so now I am!!