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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Stampman has a blog!!!! AND BLOG CANDY

Where did I find out about it? From Jeannette, one of my latest crafty, bloggy buddies. This is ironic because The Stampman was where it all started for me.

Back in the day-which is becoming my catch phrase-I found a table in a craft centre in Ilkley. A couple were doing the old heat gun/embossing powder magic and rapidly got my attention. I bought a little bag with an embossing ink pad two little jars of powder, one silver and one gold, and a stamp with a dove on. I was told to use a toaster or an electric ring to emboss over and given some scraps of card to have a go on when I got home. They were friendly and helpful.

I progressed to a paint stripper to heat the powder but struggled dreadfully as I lived a long way from Ilkley and there were no magazines and no internet etc etc etc. to help with my problems.

They progressed to a tiny shop in Skipton which they called The Stampman and we progressed to a holiday static caravan which was (and still is) near Gisburn ( not far from Skipton -surprise surprise) and I was able to get my fix at least once a fortnight.

It's a long , long way from then to now and a great deal of money has been spent since then. I'll tell you some more later, perhaps. There was the trip to London with my sister and my nephew who was still being breastfed at the time-crafting in hotel rooms-chatting up demonstrators-spending on crafty stuff at the Commonwealth Institute which is where the Ally Pally do used to take place.

Get to the point Betty I hear you cry. Well this is the point -The Stampman has blog candy. I don't often do the blog candy thing but this is different. The Stampman is where it all started for me and so I think you should pop over and pay them a visit.

Now how do you do those linky things?

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