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Monday, 15 June 2009

Sorry to Spyder

Way back when Spyder left me an award on her blog but my life moves so slowly that I've just not posted anything about it.

This is how my brain works :-I've just looked at what she wrote and checked out her blog details so that I can create a link and 'cos I didn't write it down I'm going to have to check it out again. Oh flipperdy doodle! What's more I'm s'posed to award this to fifteen new to me blogs. Oh c'mon! Fifteen purleeze. So listen if you visit me and you've got a blog just collect the award for yourself and leave me a comment if you would like to. That way all you lovely people (getting to sound like Tommy Trinder) will know who you are and also how much I appreciate you all although the weight of the responsibility is getting a bit phhhhrrrrhhh (big sigh).

Getting back to yesterday. National Media Museum was wonderful as ever and Bradford has just been made the World's first UNESCO city of film. Noticed an ad for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for sometime in July with some scenes filmed in IMAX. Could be going again soon then if we can get tickets. If you decide to go there is also Saltaire not far away which is a World Heritage site. There you can see David Hockney originals (great if your kids are studying Art) and look at a wonderful church with the most incredible interior or just stroll by the water and wander into Shipley Glen.

Singing the praises of the North West instead of Yorkshire (ahhh, Yorkshire, sigh) have you heard of Gallery Oldham? They have some great exhibitions there and there's one on now which looks interesting called Fairies by Samantha Bryan. Looks like one for the kids or the kid in you which we all have lurking somewhere.

Promised I would show you what I'd been up to and if I don't hurry up I won't have time to develop another idea I had yesterday.

Quick details but if you'd like more just ask.

First thanks to Kath for several goodies she sent me a while back for the comments I made about her cards on Craftwork Cards blog. I'm busy trying to make cards for a small event at a group I attend to raise funds for Marie Curie cancer care and the goodies are coming in useful.

Second- I've gone diddy. I've loads of these little cards which came in a Craftwork Cards goody bag. I find these bags irresistable and consequently there's a large collection of blank cards to go at.

Third-see what I mean about that colour scheme I used the other day? Can you spot the way the little stamped flowers just pop out when they are coloured with white crayon. I've used Karisma ones but any high quality ones would give the same effect and I did remember I had some Generals chalk pencils so might try those as well.

There is some lovely foiled kraft paper from Craftwork cards and I've painted the little embossed frames with acrylic paint and rubbed some brilliance ink on them to give a lift. I used pink ink on the orange acrylic to make it zing a bit.

I used metallic crayons from crayola to colour the little japanese ladies but I'm going to try promarkers as I had a play last night and was impressed with the effect. They were silver embossed on the brown paper then coloured.

I also managed to slip in one for the lads with some leftover shabby princess paper I had.

Any questions you know where to find me? I'm just going for a lie down.


  1. More lovely cards Betty, I like the grey forever friends one best. Are we on for Saturday the 27th? Let me know and I bring lunch this time.

  2. Gorgeous cards Betty, I am a huge fan of craftwork card's stuff, love what you did with the frames.
    En x