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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bus pass beano

The Greater Manchester grey brigade have an advantage over you other lot. We can use our bus passes on the train. Not on the Orient Express-oh no no-nothing so exotic but we can travel on the train within Greater Manchester outside peak travel times (anyone who has to travel during peak time has my sympathy-they need body armour) and it's free. Bus to Bolton Station FREE then tram from V ictoria Station FREE to Market Street in Manchester and Affleks Palace. Manchester is a vibrant place and it isn't always raining as my pictures prove. I know at one time Manchester and nearby Salford had the largest student population in Europe. Even coming the few miles from Bolton I always feel like a country bumpkin. The above shot is a remainder from WW2 of a bombed building which has been transformed into a dragonny creature. Just behind me as I took that shot was the destination.

It's a strange place full of a mish mash of shops. I tried on a top hat which fitted perfectly but it was £34.99 so it stayed in the shop. This is where I ended up-The bead shop . I'd been told about it ages ago but wanted to check it out first. Now I know how to get there I'll be writing a list. I spotted quite a bit of stuff that would be great for cards but I do make jewellery occasionally. Just bought some bits to finish off my little doodad for the WOYWWAC. Now don't get too excited 'cos it's not a masterpiece and probably doesn't fulfill the brief but hey I thought I'd show willing and challenge myself at the same time. Signing off now as step-GS is coming to have a dabble in my craft room. He's ten and enthusiastic and I'm sixtyblob and an FMS sufferer so I have to be wound up with a key LOL and set going. We are going to work on the little monster thing he's been making. He has lots of ideas and I have to work out how to make them work so it's get your brain in gear time.

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