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Friday, 7 May 2010

Just a quickie

Thanks for all the lovely comments and sorry I just haven't been around to everyone but circumstances a bit awkward so I thought I would report back on yesterday.
Sadly the "zapping" did not work as everyone was hoping so after an extremely long day of waiting around we are back on the health treadmill again.


Back to the tidy workroom it was a bit of a set up and the wider view would have told a different story. Have come to a decision to sort out the ordering of some really useful boxes for starters as can't cope with the mess any more. I know I shouldn't be making excuses but it just gets harder to sort this all out as health gets worse so I need to find a simple solution.
As for what Ikki says about my spotting the way the swirl works with the oval -that's because all I do is mess around-when it comes to actually producing something finished it is an uphill struggle. Sometimes I get there and sometimes they go in the hmm hmm pile and sometimes they go in the bin. It's good fun trying.
Nothing to report on the hougie board yet except it is as easy as it looked on TV and I have made a stepper blank with no problems at all-just got no inspiration regarding decoration. Did see straight away a simple method of making a bag with it but will post when there's a finished sample to show. Just got to get into measure mode instead of A5 A6 etc etc as the whole thing works on measuring (centimetres one side and inches the other) rather than A4 divided like most scoring boards. Trouble is I have plenty of ideas in my head it's just putting them into practice that's the problem. So instead of blogging I'm going to do just that. Byeee


  1. Hi Ya Betty,
    Thanks for stopping by today - I've missed you!
    Hope you are feeling a wee bit better - sending you gentle hugs meantime.
    Can't wait to see your Hougie projects.
    Edna x

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the crafty experimenting - remember, without people like you, people like me wouldnt be crafters. I hate experimental time, I wanna sit down, know about the product and have it work sufficiently well to produce soemthing I can be happy with. A whole session that ends with hmmm, file or hmmm bin would have me running for the hills!!
    Be kind to yourself - don't go overdoing the tidy thing, one dayat a time, huh!

  3. I love days when I can just sit and 'mess' and not have to have a finished card - it's quite a luxury! I've just purchased a really useful box storage system too - it's brilliant - not cheap - but brilliant lol.

    Love Lynda xxx