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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mashed another die cutting machine

Have forced too much through my wizard and it has suddenly refused to cut any more except the edges. Even multiple shims etc. will not persuade it. The pressure on the rollers has just died. This is the third small die cutting machine I've managed to destroy. I got the wizard because I stupidly believed that made of metal it could survive the pounding and multiple mistake making that goes on in my craft world. Ah well. Suddenly I NEEEEEEEED a die cutting machine to cut all the lovely dies I've got. I know there are plenty of other cards I can make but all I want to do now is cut cut cut.


PS I have discovered that a special adapter exists for my very big friend who lurks in the corner and am taking steps to obtain it but it is like swimming up a treacle waterfall and I do wonder why I bother.


  1. Betty, I wish I had known that your wizard had died as there was a brand new one, still in box on Bolton car boot sale today and they just wanted twenty pounds for it but I didnt know anyoine who wanted one, Love Lynne

  2. Oh Betty, I know just what you mean - the need increases exponentially!! Good luck with the adaptor...

  3. OOPS is the right expression I feel ...maybe you should offer your sevices to companies ...to test the durability of Die cutting Machines LOL xx

  4. Oh dear Betty - that's a mishap alright but don't worry, though it's not a new die cutting machine, there's something for you over on my blog. Hope it cheers you up a bit. :)

    Edna x

  5. Betty if you could let me have your details - leave me a comment on the blog with your addy etc. and I will delete it at my end so that it doesn't publish to the masses! :) LOL