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Friday, 23 July 2010

Reports of a death were greatly exaggerated.......by

If you read least week's blog you will know I thought I had killed my Wizard. Now I cannot live without die cutting as I have a goodly few die cutting shapes in my tiny!!!!!!!! stash and embossing folders, so I got a Bigshot.
Some people buy pairs of shoes but as my feet are unable to wear those beauteous creations I would like to wear I indulge myself in other directions.
I have to say I do like the Bigshot (it didn't exist when I got my Wizard) so I'm happy.
This morning my lovely DH who is my resident consultant engineer applied himself to pondering my personal die cutting crisis and said I really only needed a shim as it was just worn bearings. I tried shims and they didn't work I sighed. Paper would be no good because it just gives-why not try foil was his answer. Now I saw his point but foil didn't appeal to me and I realised that acetate would be a better bet as it was hard wearing and came in different thicknesses (and I had different thicknesses).
Labelled and in my drawer with my other cutting platforms. It is a huge help on the Bigshot too with the lovely detailed dies that I had just purchased.
I will be keeping my Wizard for embossing so I can spread out the wear and tear.
Back later to tell you more news and some piccies.


  1. Oh great idea - how other minds get a better and non-emotioanl over view! Happy Big Shot then!

  2. Hi Betty, so glad no foul deed was perpetrated!!
    You've prompted me to get my Cuttlebug out, tend to use it only occasionally but should use it more. I just love the embossing folders, so I do a few and use them up and then go without for a while, pretty silly I know. :) xx

  3. Hi Betty, thanks so much for the info re the ATG gun. I'm really tempted, but I've just ordered 30
    disposable tape dispensers with 20m on each, so it should keep me going for quite a while. But will I regret it if I don't get one now?

  4. Your post made me chuckle! I adore shoes but sadly the ME keeps me from wearing anything but slippers or old trainers!! I now have plantar faci-something...yet another to add to my list!! So like you I have other things to keep me occupied. I have a cuttlebug, but as yet I don't have an awful lot for it. Got a bit of a thing for die cuts from Susie's shop though (Die cut Dreams) I have a draw full of them now!! Gentle hugs x

  5. PS I've not lost the plot - working my way through your posts backwards!! just on a little catch up spree x