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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

For further instalments of this thrilling saga

Keep watching and I might have time to tell you what else I've been up to in between trying to catch up with the cleaning. Cleaning always gets left 'cos people with FMS have to choose. Fun or duty and with me fun comes first. Eventually the muck gets on my nerves or we have visitors imminent so cleaning gets the upper hand but only for a short time.
Friday we're off to see The Hot Club Of Cowtown at Bury Met with some friends.Hope this link works as I've never tried doing this before but it should take you to a video of Jules Holland on New Year's Eve.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr8My5Uo0gE It's ages since we went to any live music so I'm looking forward to it and hoping I can stay the course.
I've got some piccies of jersey cows and a shire horse from the show as well so I'll have a go at posting them. I don't know what I do to the piccies but when I move them they won't enlarge any more. There must be another way of doing it. It's like stumbling in the dark.

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