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Friday, 8 May 2009

Quick one for Jeanette

Couldn't resist a peek at the dashboard and spotted another follower and it's Jeanette who is the Stampin'Up rep round these parts and any other parts for that matter 'cos she'll post to wherever so I've popped these on to show her (and all the rest of you) that I am using the stamps I bought from her. Who is James you might ask? Well he doesn't really exist but I'll tell all later as I'm still a bit pushed for time.

The little alphabet was 99p and there were a lot of them about last year but don't know if they are still available as everything seems to come and go very rapidly these days

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  1. aw, this is lovely Betty! ch-hoo choo!! love that train! Hubby's got a 'thing' about trains! (Popping over to peek at Jeanette's at Blog too!)...and of course, wondering who James is..a friend of Thomas, (the Tank Engine)perhaps??