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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Thanks for the feedback

Piccy to accompany this post is blogged separately 'cos I'm having probs since I did a big update yesterday.
I love to bloghop but I'm not always as dedicated about posting. On my travels yesterday I read about Spyder and her problems with sizes of cards. She's left me a comment which made me realise that perhaps a few of you don't know about this handy bit of kit. It's all because I don't get out much and I don't drive(long story). Any energy I do have I like to spend on stuff I enjoy doing plus trying to keep chez nous in some sort of order. Food comes into it somewhere. Credit where it's due, my DH irons and shops (and reads this blog-yoo hoo).
Back to thick cards, if you're following this.
What you need is a "pricing in proportion" ruler made by Helix. I've had mine a while now but I'm sure they will be available in any good office suppliers. Mine came from Staples and was about £2.00ish (I never remember what I've paid for something 'cos once it's paid for that's it and I wipe it from my memory banks). It's handy to print some little labels you can include with your cards if you sell them. I scribble mine at last minute but I have a plan to make something more posh which says something along the lines of "The beautiful card you have chosen has been handmade with love. If you post it you will need to use LARGE LETTER POSTAGE. Don't risk losing it in the post for the sake of a few pence." Something like that anyway.
Just in case you think I'm organised go back to the beginning of my blogging days and you'll find piccies of my craftroom on a good day.
As for other matters, well I'm struggling to set up my elderly scanner to work with my reasonably up to date computer. I've never bothered since I got it in 2007 but now I've got the Pazzle I want to scan drawings. Thought I'd cracked it yesterday but no-I'm missing something which is available somewhere but wasn't included in Vista 'cos it's old.Grrh. Stupidly I put off doing it while the message was on screen and now I've got to go to Microsoft website and find it.
Needles, haystacks, blind leading the blind and many other phrases spring to mind. My brain hurts and on top of this I got my Craftwork Cards newsletter this morning which says I can now follow them on TWITTER. As I've not even got to grips with I Pods/ Blue Ray and what's the other thing ah yes MP3 players how am I going to fathom TWITTER. Do I need to fathom it after all we are talking about cardmaking? I can blog and text and take passable piccies with my digital camera and I do know about pricing in proportion rulers.
Crafting has been the main driver in my quest to master new technology which is strange when you think that it's all to do with a handmade end product.

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