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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fresh as a morning daisy

Header says it all. Hands all ready to type again so just to answer Lulu the cat is a Little Claire's stamp.Mr. Little Claire at Harrogate
I've bought a few of these at shows 'cos they're reasonably priced and very quirky/naive looking -sort of Grandma Moses-ish but so far I've only used the Christmassy one of a snowman and the elephant one. Anyway back to domestics-brekky pots to wash and visitors imminent.

CU later -text speak -a doddle LOL.


  1. Loved reading your blog Betty, I have a bit of an aversion to cameras too, especially today!!! Must dash if you know what I mean Loads of love

  2. Thanks Betty for popping over to Spyder's Corner! and thank you for the tip about the "pricing in proportion " ruler by Helix. I never realised some one would have made one! It's really maddening going to the Post Office just the check if the letter's too 'fat'!I had an Inchie, delivered the other day...yes an INCH sized bit of art, which had a first class stamp on it...can you believe I was changed another £1.06 because it wasn't a LARGE letter...silly world. Love your blog..going 'hopping' now!