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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Other Peeps cards

What I love about crafting is the way you can pass it on-a bit like a flu bug but much more fun. I've passed on to a few people and they send cards to me so I'm sharing my Easter crop with you.

This is by my niece and she's seven. She made every bit of this herself and took all the artistic decisions including the idea of using a picture from her fairy magazine as the background, position of Tinkerbell and adding the peel-off butterfly. She's been cardmaking longer than some of you lot.This is Lizzie's card. She is a regular correspondent but usually sends bought ones . She is a sporadic cardmaker . She's a busy social life and works as a volunteer in Oxfam. Mum Helen has just retired and is also doing more cardmaking.The colour repro on this one is c***. I tried-I really did but the grading must have fooled my poor little Panasonic and my basic knowledge. It came from a foreign country-well Kent. Dahn Sarff as they say. Not sure who made it -could have been my nephew, my niece,or my other little sis.

Think the bug has bit all the lot of 'em. Wonder what the next post will bring?


  1. Love your blog, popped over for a look whilst my toddler has his nap. Thanks for following my blog and for some very kind comments you've left too.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations

  2. lovely description of the card but you forgot to mention the swarovski crystals down the right-hand side! love little sis.xx