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Sunday, 5 April 2009

All aloooone and OFFICIALLY FED UP

I decided to make cards today after all the clearing out/rationalising/reorganising I felt I deserved a treat. DH is away to the hills with his camera so I can card away to my hearts content.

Out came my new 300gsm card which is gorgeous. So I challenged myself to print directly onto this beauty and create a big card (bigger than I usually do). I used all the tips Paul has given in his blog and set off before breakfast to do this quick card. After an hour I had some shredded wheat. I couldn't manage three so maybe that's why I finally had to give up trying to get my printer to form a relationship with this new beauty in my life. I did manage one result which was decent but I ruined it by colouring the sentiment on the inside with my (also new) promarkers that decided to reveal themselves on the back. AAAAAAAAAAAARGGGHHHHH. I got out my printer's true love, my Tesco premium 120gsm and printed some PP papers-cut the topper off the front of my card-also made with PP (that's the new Spring Wishes) and layered it all a bit. Simple may be better but it's b***** harder, especially when your printer won't play ball.

Why am I fed up then if I've managed to retrieve the situation? After I'd messed about I took a shot of the final card and that's when I realised the lovely little bunny wasn't in the middle. If it weren't for the dotty paper it wouldn't be half as obvious but it is. I'll have to trim it which will mean that the printing on the back will not be balanced although the one inside shouldn't be too bad . Back to the drawing board or should I say the whisky bottle or the cold compress.

To add to my woes I can't seem to work out how to get the piccies I took with my camera held sideways to publish upright except by doing it through Picasa which is why the final version of the card is in a separate post. I think I'll go lie down now.

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  1. Oh Betty, hope you're feeling better now after your stressful crafting! I've had many sessions like that myself. As you know I'm gonna have a couple of stessful days myself.
    I must say I love the Bunny card and wouldn't have noticed the positioning if you hadn't said. I also use that Tesco paper and it's really good and cheap! Thanks for visiting me
    Hugs, Pat xx