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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Woman on a mission

O.K. I've not posted for ages I know but I have been crafting-honest. Apart from being technically challenged I get distracted easily by reading other peoples blogs and getting involved in discussions like the one on Funky Fairys blog about card candy. As soon as I put someone's name I realise I need to create a link and that means even more loss of focus.

I've also started to feel concern about the new crafty people in my life. All the bloggers out there especially Edna who hasn't been well and is a fellow FMS sufferer. FMS can plod along at a reasonably even pace for so long until some helpful person sneezes on you or some other bug catches up with you then it's back to day one with all the life drained out of you. It's like climbing out of a pit getting back and it takes for ever so please spare a thought for Edna.

Another person I worried about was Shaz-or Funky Fairy herself-but she's back with a bang and stirring it up as usual. Lots of lovely samples on the Blog of inspiration. How those Mums manage to do what they do and blog beats me.

The other interruption in my life-apart from the builders that is-is my beloved DH. Why? I hear you ask. Weeell he's been grappling with the intricacies of colour printing from his new and very whizzy camera with his new to him A3 printer complete with pigment inks at hum hum hum pounds and some per cartridge. Trouble is he thinks I'm a genius when it comes to computers!!!

That's little me who thought she'd broken her new digital camera when she dropped it on the floor until Kirsty Wiseman popped the memory card back into it's slot. Anyway he's been a darkroom man for over forty years and he's now reeducating himself. Every now and then a plaintive request issues forth but today I had to appeal to him to call in a photographic buddy to show him how to do all the advanced settings on his printer because it's not my bag.
He's already produced two great prints but he is flying by the seat of his pants so when something goes wrong -get my drift. The computer has crashed a couple of times and I've had to explain about hard breaks or as my no. one son says "if all else fails just switch it off mum and keep your fingers crossed". He started on a ZX80 when he was 12 so I trust him. (Sort of)
I digress AGAIN. My mission this week is to use up some of my stash, play with a simple card sketch that was in this month's cardmaking and papercraft, revamp some of the cards I've made recently that I wasn't happy with and try to use my new Pazzle a bit.

So change of stamp, change of papers and change of card size and a completely different look. Now compared to you lot it's simple stuff but it keeps me happy. Bet you all recognise what I've used but any questions just leave a comment. Off to watch the box now. If I carry on my hands will be k*******d.


  1. Great selection of cards but really love that cat image.

    Had to pop over and visit you after reading all your coments on the FF blog - Glad to see you joined in with the FF debate started by Shaz !

    Take care,


  2. Wow three gorgeous cards, well done you. Hope your hands have recovered!

    Hope your Hubby leaves you in peace now you've sorted out his buddy to come and sort him and his printer out! My fathre in law is exactly the same - 'how do I....?'!

    Looking forward to seeing you work through some more of that stash


  3. Three gorgeous cards that I really enjoyed looking at, and I just love your 'ramblings' you always make your blog such fun.
    En xx