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Friday, 24 April 2009


Sorry -couldn't resist the title.

This toilet is no more. This is a deceased toilet.

Here's the piccies to prove it.

First you see it-now you don't.

On Wednesday morning the big guys arrived and by the time I'd washed up the breakfast pots it was only a memory.

I did used to worry when I used it if the back door wasn't locked. Why? Well I worked in a local library and when you've been told that while someone used their outside loo instead of going upstairs

someone came in and stole their handbag off the kitchen table!!

it concentrates the mind (even my mind).

I could say more but I do have a tendency to go on a bit so I'll show you the pics and get back to my crafting while the guys outside lay bricks in that nonchalant easy way they have which makes you think you could do it too--ha ha haa-not.

Pity the rest of the street isn't being done but the landlords don't seem to have provided the council with the documentation needed. Little things like gas safety certificates, electrical safety certificates.

We are the only large property in our street that is still in single occupancy. One is empty and has been for several years. I could get angry but my militant tendencies have waned since I just didn't have the energy any more for the fight. No more meetings for me. Let someone else rant and rave and I 'll stick to my crayons.


  1. You are funny! Amazing how much space that outside loo has made in your garden, you could build a craft shed instead.....bet you've thought of that. Know what you mean about committees/meetings, all too much angst for me too these days.
    En x

  2. Enfys The bit beyond the sticky out stone is nextdoor! Their loo went as well 'cos it was deemed dangerous.Got to 'fess I've a great craft room- if a tad untidy-and it's got central heating!

  3. WOW loved the pictures. Reminded me so much of the outside loo at my Nan's house. She wouldn't have it knocked down because she said we would then come in the house all dirty from the garden to use the inside toilet!