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Monday, 20 April 2009

I did have a go at a box!

Well as you might remember-cast your minds back a few days- this might be hard for you older folks-I said I was going to have a go at a box using the same technique I'd used on the card which is showing on Craftwork Cards blog for last Thursday (I'm such a show off and I've been accused of "too much product placement " by my DH but what the heck!). I'm digressing again-or off on one to be less literary. Back to the box. Well I digressed on that as well. I found a gable box tutorial on split coast stampers. Saw it on someone else's blog and can't remember whose but took a look and loved it. On my third attempt I decided to play with some other pretties in my cupboard and sprayed the black card with moonglow glitz spritz royal crimson fire before I made it up.

While it was drying I made some little decorations (wanted to say plaques but think that's what you clean off your teeth). I stamped and embossed little Akina using Moonglow two tone midnight gold obsidian embossing powder and painted her with perfect pearls-interference red/heirloom gold/pewter.Think on reflection I could have done her face with pearlex pearl white. I used the christmas colours paperblox (CwC again) to create oval mats. That was the easy bit. "What was hard?" I hear you cry. I nearly cried too. I couldn't find any matching ribbon and it was all so exotic it needed something over the top.

"What did you do Betty?" Are you still there? I gave up and "clocked off". I was worn out but I took some gold cord with me and sat watching telly with my book of knots. I know- it's very sad.

After a lot of fiddling about I managed a passable Turk's Head then had some cocoa and went to bed. It was midnight after all. Where was DH in all this? He was at the caravan snug as a bug ready for an early start on his Sunday walk.

Sunday morning there I was again fiddling with the Turk's Head. All in all that knot took me hours to get passable then I had to attach it! Ah me (or some other not so Shakespearian phrase-those who know me will have a good idea what it might be).

I found some curly wiry stuff which if I'd seen the night before I would have used on it's own. All that was left was the obligatory photos. Wish you could see the real thing. The two tone colours and the glitz spritz and the interference red just don't photograph at all. It's just a box and will probably end up kicking around my workroom for ages but I did have fun doing it and I've got to use up some of my pearly stash before I buy some twinkling H2O's.

Julie e-mailed me and said "did you make a box?" -well I have done now Julie but it wasn't the box I intended to make. It is possible to unfasten it by the way.


  1. Thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog :) Have to say i love this box, very arty. I like the way you've spritzed it, it has a really nice visual texture. Great stuff!

  2. LOL Betty. Great box and fab description too. Tope marks for keeping at it.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I've not posted in over a week - just feel a bit run down but hopefully I'll be back asap. :)

  3. Well worth all the effort, fab box, well done