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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

No more cards tonight

That's it. Due to aforementioned unpleasant illness (FMS) I have a lack of feeling in my fingertips. Usually it's not a problem. Tonight I suddenly started getting funny marks all over my cards. Tools messy, I thought, but after a close inspection I couldn't find anything to cause it but there they were again, the same dratted marks. It was blood! I had a paper cut on the end of my finger. I can't feel it at all but it's bleeding every time I try to do something. I've ruined a sheet of lovely pearlised patterned paper. BLAST. I'll put a plaster on and go do some knitting in front of the TV. Can't make cards with a plaster on the end of my finger. On the plus side-paper cuts used to be really uncomfortable. Night night.

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  1. Ah Betty. I can sympathise with you feeling so out of sorts. I've never experienced numb fingers but as you know this condition has many guises. Take care and hopefully you will be creating again before you know it. Hugs, Edna x