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Friday, 23 April 2010

Here there be stash

Just a few hundred yards from my home lies temptation.
As you enter you pass (stop drooling) if you can the first ribbon collection
Bin diving has a whole new meaning here-see what you can find and manage to untangle it and it's 10p a metre.
Shelves, shelves and more shelves of fabrics. I did take more piccies but google can't cope with too much so I'm just giving you a flavour. They didn't have a machine embroidery hoop so I'll have to wait until tomorrow and nip down to Bolton Market.
The ladies in my favourite place did have some odds and sods I fancied and I got to ogle the fabric someone was buying for a stunning prom dress.
Now then you can find Nortex Mill Shop in Chorley Old Road in Bolton (that's in Greater Manchester UK if you're abroad) but I've been told they do have a web presence now although it's impossible to list everything on the website they will have a look for you if you ring up so you can find their ebay shop here.


  1. Oh what bliss...if I wasn't buyingit, I'd be in theres just winding the ribbon back for the them - for free!! Hmm, seriously would be falling into fabrics if I lived as close as you do!! And yes, you've got the blog bug; apart from the time - ain't it fun!!

  2. OMG ...that ribbon ....and the fabric ...if I lived near there I would LEARN to sew. lol

  3. Hi Betty,
    Oo, ribbons - gotta have me some of those ribbons (I am a ribbon-a-holic!). Just as well I'm in Australia! Thanks for visiting my Blog today (via Ikki's) and leaving such a lovely comment. Really made my day! :o)

    I had a good giggle when I read on your profile about the "Why has that bit just fallen off that card when I must have the largest adhesives collection in the world?" I have the same problem - and it makes me crazy!

    Good on you for having such a positive attitude to life!

  4. Hiya Jocelyn-my favourite subject has to be adhesives-stick by me girl and I can bore for England on the subject LOL

  5. Ive just turned GREEN with envy lol.

    Love Lynda xxx

  6. Lynda I only showed a little bit.LOLXXX