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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Just messin'

OK you've probably realised that I've bought a few SU punches lately. They are great heavy duty affairs and I got to thinking of some of the other things I might be able to do with them and got the scrap paper out and messed about.
Ho ho ho you can fold the paper and angle it in different ways and get various effects as you can see from the above artfully arranged shots LOL. An X cut punch worked as well and produced lovely dragonfly wings
So then I made a trial flower in pale pink writing paper chalked a bit as follows
1 Double the paper and close to the fold punch several pairs of petals-I did 5
2 Make a base layer of three pairs of petals with the tops of the hearts curled downwards
3Create the top layer with two pairs of hearts with the sides curled inwards and upwards.
I made my first centre with a snowflake punch 'cos I've not got a stamen punch-yet- but then I made the card you can see at the top from some gorgeous Craftwork Cards paper from a Paperblox in my stash.
Just don't try punching two layers of paper unless you use a good quality punch.


  1. wow Betty what a fab card and a wonderful way to make a flower too - will be giving that a go!! Wow again!


  2. Wow that is all so impressive. Thanks for sharing it.
    A x

  3. wow - this is a lovely flower and the instructions you showed are great - it turned out brill.

    Paula x x x