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Monday, 12 April 2010

Welcome Rose

Just popped back to say "Welcome Rose". Was surprised to see a new follower as I haven't posted much lately. I do miss my fellow bloggers. They feel like old friends. It's a pity we can only meet up in cyber space although some of my followers are known to me. Yes you know who you are and some of you are not listed as followers but I know you're out there.
By the way I did tie that bow myself and I didn't use a bow tier thingy either so my fingers aren't completely knackered. When it comes to teeny tiny the glue is the thing and I use a fine tip applicator by Anne Peak. It's refillable with bog standard PVA and if it's good enough for Julie Hickey it's good enough for me. I am fascinated by adhesives ---yaaaawn----yaaaawn Betty's on her favourite subject--- but PVA is wonderful. Did you know if you dilute it and spread it thinly on the surfaces you want to join together, let it dry you can use your iron to fuse them together. Experiment first .
Must go the keyboard is jumping about and I can't find the letters.


  1. Hi there Betty, thanks for stopping by my blog, it's great to hear from you. Yes our Wet Room is finished thank goodness. Mind you it only took a couple of weeks so it wasn't too bad. Just need the rest of the house doing now. Used to tackle it all myself no bother but age creeps on and the mind is willing but the flesh is weak.
    Oh nearly forgot, did you notice the crochet flower on the card, see they did come in useful.
    Pat xx

  2. Haha Glad to see you like the box I made Betty :) Hope the MTME site doesn't rob you of too many pennies. Hope your mojo returns soon. Pxx