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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Talking of bags

As usual trust Betty to be backwardsShowing base of bag

Showing wrap around former (two tablet boxes) Any overlap should be kept to the top. OK I'm good but I'm not that good.
Showing tape on glue flap. This paper was metallic and no good for PVA (test glue if you're not sure with an off cut)
The two tablet boxes taped together with scotch magic-after all they had to go back in the medicine cabinet.

Seem to remember making a rash promise to let you in on my little secret about bags.
Are you ever in a hurry to find a gift bag for something ?Don't have time to make one? Well you will now. Just remember Betty's words of wisdom- "a bag is half a parcel".
What's that you say? What on earth does she mean?
Well I was giving a talk on gift wrapping to a small group of people who were not crafters but wanted some easy and money saving ways to wrap Christmas gifts and get good results.
I wanted to encourage them to make gift bags instead of buy them and this simple way of explaining it to them came to me.
I did find the original method in a book called Rubber Stamp Celebrations from the now defunct Personal Stamp Exchange company but came up with the description myself.
They got it straight away. The beauty of this is as long as all your folds are straight and crisp you can make many sizes of bag from one choc size to elephant size just as long as you've got an elephant sized box to fold the paper around-and an elephant sized piece of paper.
Don't get the paper too tight because you will need to get the box former out.
I've used cassette boxes, shoe boxes tablet cartons etc. etc.
There are oodles of ways to finish the top, oodles of handles and oodles of decorating stuff. Don't forget to reinforce the base if you're putting something heavy into it. You can also reinforce the top flap by sticking a strip of card under the fold before you stick it down Double sided tape does work for this but I prefer to use PVA because it creates a stronger bond. Hi Tack very sticky glue from Impex is good for this.
You will find it even more difficult to throw away a box now.
What -you don't save boxes and envelopes to make templates-get on with you-I don't believe it.

Just reviewed my back to front pictures and here's another tip:-
Measure around your box and add extra for the glue flap (which will depend on the size of your bag-elephant size will need a bigger glue flap)
and for depth you will need to add extra for the top flap and the base. Make sure you add about 2/3rds of the base plus the top flap. If you leave the top flap off you could cut it with pinking shears and fold it over like a brown paper bag


  1. Great tips Betty - I love the idea of thinking of it as half a parcel - genius. The rest is a bit like dressmaking for me - I always found that good ironing of seams made for a crisp professional finish. Same with folds, huh.

  2. Julia You can do it with fabric and I have! Thanks for the official genius status.Betty